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This page was last updated on 9/4/22.

There are two arenas of life to awaken to:
1. The fact and possibility of spiritual enlightenment; and
2. The realization that the world is and has always been run by Satanists - parasites who feed on us.

#1 is awareness of Truth (Reality);
#2 is awareness of False (Maya - to those who are aware of Truth).

Ego is maya. Universal Soul is Reality. Each of us are, in reality, Only Universal Soul. The Only Doer is God. There is no individual so-called free will as in Reality there is no I. Each of us including our destinies are mirrored by the solar system; and, actually the entire cosmos in our astrological birthchart. Only God Is.

The world is maya and mind is maya. The universe is only a projection of our fearful and desirous minds. Our universes are unique to each of us, defined by the illusions of space and time (astrology). The 'one and only' universe is personal and subjective. There is nothing objective about Reality. Science only investigates dreamstuff.

The world is run by Satanists. How could it be otherwise, whether we have awakened to it or not? The dream needs evil as much as it needs good. Without it there would be nothing to dream. All dramas need conflict and the big drama needs ultimate conflict.

In Truth, of course, there is nothing to fear though Maya is clever and paradoxical.

It certainly looks like there is something to fear. Humanity is extincting itself.

Those who get the Satanist's jab are being transformed into Humans 2 who will all die sooner than later and be permanently stamped and identified with the nightmare. Sorry to all loved ones who fell for it. I tried to warn you. Such is my dream.

Spiritual teachers who espouse the jab (such as Tenzin Gyatso, the Dalai Lama, whose 'spiritual teachings' seem mainly Hallmark Greeting Card platitudes about kindness & compassion, anyway) cannot be real spiritual teachers, at least any longer. Sadhguru, you exposed your idiocy. Ammachi, you've shown you are not a competent Mother to us all.

The Satanists who run the world are obviously very, very intelligent. After all, they've pulled the wool over nearly everybody's eyes for millennia and continue to.

How is it that they're so smart and yet don't know that they're ultimately hurting themselves? This is a big question. How is it that we are so unaware of hurting ourselves when we harm others? There is no other, of course.

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