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About Us

"As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen."

The starting point of the investigation into reality is the acknowledgement that “I am”.
Nothing can be honestly addressed without first acknowledging this; nothing can be gotten to the bottom of until this is.

I am. It is immediately obvious that I exist. Being as nothing can be presumed, the first question can only be: Who or what am I?

Am I my body? my name? my memories? my likes? my dislikes? my hopes? my fears? my desires? Nope, obviously, I'm not. Those things are all separate from me. By themselves they change over time and I am the observer of them. I am before those things; behind those things; primary to those things; prerequisite to all those things.

Here & now there is no room for thoughts & things; they exist only in the illusion of space & time & mind. Here & now, there is no room for anything; yet, still, I Am. Nothing personal, but it is absolutely evident and certain that I Am all there is; I Am all that ever was or will be; all that ever could or can be. I Am all that Is.

You are too.

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