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This page last updated prior to 11/21/21.

really 111x135 If the masks work, why are you concerned with me not wearing one? Protect yourself. It's not my responsibility to. If the masks work, why the social distancing? If the social distancing works, why the mask? If the masks and social distancing work, why the lockdown? If all three work, why the vaccine? If you have the vaccine, why do you care if I don't? If the vaccine is safe, why the no liability clause?

Masks are not safe, but if we're forced to wear one, at least we can make our faces into billboards. It beats actual or presumed zombification or consent and helps some of the rest of us not to feel so mummified.

Face Masks

mask 111x139 1. Masks are unhealthy. They force the wearer to breathe their own stale exhaled breath continuously. Mask and social distancing efficacy at protecting self and others and in mass is open to wide scientific debate.

2. Mass promotion and acceptance of masks is attitudinally unhealthy. Masked politically correct self righteous egos bask in their goodness and rightness and many judge the unmasked as ignorant selfish individuals who don’t care about helping others or sacrificing for the common good. The more militant are bullyish in their demand that those unmasked others be and believe like them. They believe their life and children’s health depend on it and because of their perceived need of others assistance in the matter, they think others are obliged to care about and be responsible for their health as well as believe as they do. Unless they’re psychopaths or sociopaths, they’re obviously too dependent and not very bright.
See: Royal Society President Says Mask Refusniks Should be Publicly Shamed Like Drunk Drivers.

3. Mass promotion and acceptance of masks teaches children and adults to be afraid of and resist nature and environment. This is unwise (see 2nd law of thermodynamics) and unwarranted.

4. Mass promotion and acceptance of masks and social distancing teaches children and adults to separate themselves ever further from everyone else on all levels. This is unwise and unwarranted.

5. Mandated masks are a crime. They teach children and adults that it is appropriate for the government to mandate such things that violate the rights of the individual.

6. Mandated masks widen the open doorway to mandated vaccines and microchips.

no-testing 111x116 7. Acceptance of mandated masks is the choice for death not life; and, the choice to be mind controlled and prepared to accept what is to come, which will be contrary to your Soul. Cathy O'Brien: Masks are mind control devices, 9/11/20

Here's a fun muzzled masochists article and a scary Bill Gates cartoon and a revealing five minute occult societal mask initiation video.

wear-a-mask 111x79 Masks don't work. Masks are dangerous. Masks and social distancing psychologically isolate us all from each other and even ourselves.

marx 111x140 Pure and simple, masks are mind control devices that put a veil over our psyches. They teach us to accept government tyranny. They ready us for further even more invasive mass instructions. They teach us to fear everyone and everything including all of nature. Especially all the young children are being imprinted with this sick worldview that masks provide. Masks are the magical implements of the black magicians who want total control of our lives and souls.

When do we stop this sinister nonsense? Certainly, civil disobedience is called for and the more, the sooner, the better. How do we best disobey in a zombie society that is majorly convinced that it is for our own good and is currently in fact 'illegal'? [See: CoVID Resistance]

masks 111x150 August 8, 2020: Astounded
Watching the PGA the first major in golf this year, I am astounded to see all the golfers arriving to the course wearing masks and all the non-golfers or caddies on the course wearing masks. I am astounded that lots of people around here wear masks even when they're not in an enclosed place. I am astounded that people closest to me deny me a visit because they're in self-quarantine.

People are hypnotized. They've put themselves in bubbles and the only explanation I can come up with is mind control and mass hypnosis.

They're actually worried about a virus - or what color lives matter or not. I'm only concerned about a mandated vaccine.

m 111x73 Many are anxiously awaiting the vaccine, which is certain to contain a multitude of serious toxins and also quite likely a microchip. Some will think it fine and may even breathe a heavy sigh of relief when vaccines become mandatory. It seems very few may be horrified at the total governmental intrusion which is tantamount to societal rape only worse.

It seems plain and simple facts don't affect them and they've lost their basic human dignity and they don't even know it and believe anti-maskers to be dangerous renegades.

mindwar111 They're lost in la-la-land on not just a mental but at a soul level. I'm astounded that this applies it seems to most of society. It must be time for the chaff to separate from the wheat, no matter how beloved the chaff may be, with help of funders like Bill Gates and George Soros. I'm astounded how many people it appears may soon be pushing for mandatory vaccines, as many who've put themselves in bubbles won't feel totally safe until I put myself in a bubble too. Which I won't; and, I'm sorry. I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you.

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