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Money is gold and silver
Gold and silver are money

This page was last updated on 7/12/23.

Why Gold & Silver are Money
and Almost Everything Else Isn't

Money must be able to be both a medium of exchange and a store of value; and, this value must be intrinsic and not vary in quality by a change of form.

This strict, real physical plane definition of money eliminates almost everything generally used as money today such as Federal Reserve Notes. FRNs have no intrinsic value because they are debt instruments - mere promises to pay which add to not decrease the over all debt. Their collateral is future tax revenue not something that is of actual value here now or ever. No fiat currency including the current U.S. dollar meets the definition of money because there's no intrinsic value. The fiat economy is a house of cards.

It could be argued that silver certificates (that looked a lot like FRNs) that were issued up until 1964 in the U.S. were real money because they were backed by silver. Silver meets the definition of real money; i.e., its value is intrinisic and doesn't vary in quality.

It matters not whose face is engraved in a silver coin. It's value can be measured by its weight. If silver had no industrial demand, its place in the incredibly short list of items in this world that meet the definition of money is secure. Of course, gold is real money too; and, valued as such in almost all cultures and almost all times.

Why do gold and silver have intrinsic value? Consider this: The Periodic Table lists only 90 naturally occurring elements that make up the matter in this entire universe and gold and silver are two of them. Platinum and palladium are real money and a few other basic elements can handily function as real money, too.

Most of the elements remaining don't: Carbon cannot function as money as diamonds vary in quality and are substantially more rare than coal and both diamonds and coal are pure carbon. Mercury is a toxic even to touch and liquid at room temperature so it doesn't work very well. Gases pretty much have to be ruled out. Water can work as money but is not handy enough to work as money in almost all times and conditions.

You can barter with things that are unwieldy or vary in quality but gold and silver are money. Gold and silver have been money in all of our lifetimes.

Only God Is
In Gold (and Silver) We Trust


Regarding Elements

These are the four elements in the Periodic Table that make up life on earth:

Fire    Oxygen
Earth  Carbon
Air      Nitrogen
Water Hydrogen

Green plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen and the air we breathe. All animals breathe to obtain oxygen and expel carbon dioxide.

Mike Adams: Satanist/ Globalist War on the Essential Elements of LIFE:

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