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Human 2.0
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Human 2.0

This page last updated prior to 4/15/22.

steiner 111x76 Spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts, in whom they will be dwelling, to find a vaccine that will drive out all inclination toward spirituality out of people's souls when they are still very young.
~ Rudolph Steiner, 1917

Human 2.0 is normal human melded with Artificial Intelligence. Human 2.0 is transhuman. Humans 2.0 are not human anymore and include everyone who receives or has received the jab. Human 2.0's soul is no longer his or her own.

The mRNA (modified RNA or modified DNA) "vaccines" are not vaccines. They are updatable operating systems filled with toxic graphene oxide [connection with "black goo"? ] which hook those who have taken the jab to the 5G network. See: Nutrition Protocol To Deactivate & Neutralize Graphene Oxide.

The synthetic code invokes the body to make more of the virus - so the body will supposedly learn how to fight it. Transfection is used to genetically modify organisms which permanently alters the human genome.

Also inside the "vaccine" is hydrogel. Hydrogel is DARPA nanotech technology - microscopic robots that can disassemble and reassemble and make different things and have the ability to connect with artificial intelligence. Humans 2.0 can connect with their smartphone, cloud andsome other smart devices 24hrs/ day. How immediately one's privacy disappears. How immediately one's autonomy and freedom is lost. It can gather emotional as well as physical data about whatever is going on in one's body.

Humans 2.0 can receive information as well. What information will be coming back? Will it affect one's mood, one's behavior, the way one think, one's memories?

The luciferase enzyme in the hydrogel has bioluminescent qualities so it is a light source underneath the skin. They wanna know for sure that one is vaccinated. Scanning by an iPhone will give it's digital code. It holds the vaccination record and gives one a product ID (barcode).

vaccine-111x93 When owner patented synthetic RNA is taken up into the genome of a human, human 2.0 is property of Moderna or Bill Gates Foundation or the Department of Defense.

QR Code

In short, once you have submitted to getting your digital identity QR code, you have opened the door for them. Think of it like WordPress that uses an endless amount of plugins to build your perfect site. You have your smartphone as the device, the QR code is the tool, and all of the individual apps and institutions hook right in to your QR code. You’ve now linked your health records, injection records, bank account, financial loans and assets, shopping, events, travel, you name it! They are using the blockchain framework to run, sync, share, and distribute, all of that data under the guise of “convenience” for you. Some will be centralized, some decentralized, but at the end of the day your data is out there as a means for them to control you, remove all privacy, and be used for their AI agenda. This only happens if you take that first step. Whether it’s your bank requesting you create a digital ID, your state for a driver’s license, institutions for a “vaccine ID passport,” or whomever makes the request or demand, don’t open that door.
~ Corey's Digs


Covid-19 means Certificate of Vaccination ID with artificial intelligence and mass extermination. 2019 is the year it was created. Covid-19 is not the name of the virus. It is the name of the international plan for the control and reduction of populations, which has been developed over the last decades and launched in 2020.

covid-111x124 The coronavirus pandemic is a hoax. (It's the vaccine that's the threat, not the coronavirus). There is no valid test for the coronavirus. Total surveillance, government control, dependence and obedience, lockdowns, and the Great Reset are the reasons for the coronavirus plandemic.

covid-111x86 CoVID Q&A (5/20/20): Why arent you a wearing a mask?
Because nobody here is ill and they don't work anyway.
But this virus is very deadly!
No it's not. The infection to death rate is 0.004%; 0.026% is you're over 70.
But I saw videos of people really ill in hospital.
The footage was fake.
But the World Health Organisation declared a pandemic.
The WHO is controlled by Bill Gates.
But the computer models said we were all going to die.
The models were produced by colleges funded by Bill Gates and they've gotten it wrong every time.
Yes but that’s because the lockdowns saved us all.
No they didn't, Japan had no lockdown, they have double the population of the UK, 122 million living in densely packed cities, they have had just over 1000 deaths.
But the NHS was almost over run. We had to build field hospitals.
No it wasnt, not even for a minute. The field hospitals were virtually never used and are now closed. Normal hospitals are empty.
But the virus is very contagious.
Really? Who do you know that's had it?
What do the governments gain?
covod-111x126 Massively increased state control and a chance to implement massive social changes we would never normally accept.
But surely the vaccine will be safe.
Then why are all pharmaceutical companies insisting on complete indemnity from compensation claims?
Bill Gates wants to give us all a digital health record - surely thats a good thing.
No it means your life style will be restricted unless you have his vaccine.

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Here's a scary Bill Gates cartoon [mp4]. Bill Gates is guilty of mass murder and enslavement.

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Anthony Fauci is guilty of mass murder and enslavement.

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The CDC published a CoVID-19 planning document that suggested relocating “high-risk individuals” to “green zones” or “camps” in order to keep them away from the rest of the population.

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A vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it
for a disease so deadly you have to be tested to know you have it.

If the masks work, why are you concerned with me not wearing one? Protect yourself. It's not my responsibility to. If the masks work, why the social distancing? If the social distancing works, why the mask? If the masks and social distancing work, why the lockdown? If all three work, why the vaccine? If you have the vaccine, why do you care if I don't? If the vaccine is safe, why the no liability clause?

The pandemic is a hoax. Bill Gates has no better medical degree than you do. AI is the Anti-Christ. The covid vaccine is the Mark of the Beast, the endgame for the soul, the failure to pass the IQ test of life. Divinity is within. For Heaven's sake, please keep it there.

The vaccinated shed spike proteins that can infect others. Keep up on your Vitamin D.

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Revelations 9:15: And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.

CoVID means Certificate of Vaccination ID program of mass extermination

CoVID-19 means the certificate of vaccination with artificial intelligence and mass extermination. 19 is the year it was created. CoVID-19 is not the name of the virus. It is the name of the international plan for the control and reduction of populations, which has been developed over the last decades and launched in 2020.

What they intend to inject inside of us is going to be the most terrible vaccine of all. It will literally be a descent into hell with the aim of a massive depopulation of over 80% of the population.

Quite a few die within a very few days of getting the jab. Many more will probably die from getting the jab within a few years.

Do not get yourself tested. The tests are not reliable. None of the tests are able to accurately detect the Sars Cov-2 virus. They only detect an infinity of small harmless viruses or cell debris, which are naturally already part of our microbiota.

I remind you that we are not sick. Testing positively labels you as harmful.

Most non-vaccinated people may cease to exist for society. We may not be able to travel without a vaccine. In the future, we may not even be able to leave our house.

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i.e. dumbed down - the new guise for Marxism and government supremacism

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In a free society, the "greater good" never supercedes the God given rights of the individual.

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