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This page last updated prior to 1/6/22.

Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior, but nobody is equal either. People are simply unique, incomparable. You are you, I am I. I have to contribute my potential to life; you have to contribute your potential to life. I have to discover my own being; you have to discover your own being.
— Osho

Empty of noise * Purely aware * Filled only with silence * Present, unwavering, still...
What Is * What is real * Reality

[Nonlocal, prior to, the source of, beneath & beyond the dreamworld nonreality of body/mind, space/ time, life/ death consciousness, what never was born and never can die]

Universal, eternal, ecstatic pure being * That's all I am and ever will be or was
What Is * What is real * Reality * I Am * Sampurna Sat Chit Anand
That's all I am and ever will be or was

I am what is. There isn't anything else. The question what to do now doesn't come up. It is what it is and I am that; or, at least that's what it is, what is.

Identity is a lie. It is the basic lie we tell ourselves. It is simply not possible for the mind to comprehend who and what we are. The mind can only discern what we are not; and, what we are not encompasses everything we can possibly presume that we are.

All identity, separate from the Whole, is artificial, a mental construct. It doesn't exist in nature. Nature is One and wild and free. Identity is self-imposed slavery and imprisonment.

As identity is a lie, everything attached to it is and can only be artificially attached and thus is a double lie.

The ability and right to travel is natural, for example. Moving from one place to another place is not dependent upon identity in nature. Other than humans, all creatures on Earth move about without asserting and proving identity. Only contemporary evil and brainwashed humans make travel dependent upon forms of identity such as driver's licenses, passports and visas.

The framework of our surveillance police state society is contrived by artificially attaching identity to everything we do in life.

Freedom is natural. Our belief in and dependence upon identity has made our society a perversion and a prison.

My mind is not me or mine as I am prior to it and observe it. Even when I identify with it with much charge, I observe it. Even now I observe that my thoughts and emotions are separate from myself.

There is only one Self.

As you know, physics and enlightened ones tell us; and, indeed, our own deep self-inquiry reveals to us that:
We are not at all what we have all presumed or imagined ourselves to be.
Nothing we perceive or conceive can be who we are.
Nothing apparent, perceived or conceived is real.
We are not the body.
We are not the mind.
Consciousness is prior to and includes what we call matter and mind; not the other way around.
We are not in the world. The world is in us.
Time & space and birth & death are not aspects of reality. They are attributes of our perception (mind).
Reality is always and only Here Now.
Every event is an effect and expression of the Whole.
Reality and the Self are the same thing.
There is only one Self.
It is the same Self in everything.
I Am That.
There is no other I.

It is a synchronicitous universe. Astrology, tarot and I ching all attest to this.
It’s personal and cosmic and present all at the same time, namely now.
This is the only time & space one can Be. Every time & place else is a dream.

111314p71 Our waking world is a dream.
Our sleeping world is a dream.
In deep sleep, we’re not there.
But, what is there even when we’re not?
I Am. The same One Who Is always spontaneously Here Now in between & behind thoughts.
I Am non-local. I Am nowhere & everywhere. Eternally, I Am all there is or ever could Be.

I Am the Peace. I Am the Freedom. I Am Being, Consciousness & Bliss.
I am Heaven. I Am the Whole.
You are the Whole. Wake up!
Consciousness is the Revolution.; and You are a renegade come Here to bring Light to Your Self.

It is arrogant to cause unrighteous calamities upon others. It is arrogant to fight for what is not yours. It is arrogant to attack with false words. It is arrogant to demand and expect others to clean up your messes. It is arrogant to blame anyone else for your recklessness or anxious disposition. Projecting fault onto others that is yours alone is arrogance.

All arrogance is ignorance. All arrogance is violence. All arrogance is pure folly, because God will humble you, even if it takes forever; and humility is patient.

Being humble is not synonymous with acting humble. False humility is merely ego ornamentation; and, it is arrogance and violence and ignorance, too. We’ve all learned false humility. It was taught very well to all of us by our parents, teachers, friends and employers and it is all many of us are acquainted with. No matter how foreign it may appear, humility can be learned easily with a pure heart.

A truly humble person expresses the truth. The truth can hurt the recipient, but that is not the humble speaker’s fault. There was no anger or hurt intended. It was God talking. It was compassion talking. It may not have looked like humility or compassion, but it was.

We all eventually have to learn humility, because God, in God’s infinite compassion, will give us infinite lessons to learn humility until we do; and, lessons that need to be repeated tend to get harder.

We all have to eventually learn real humility, because humility is soulful truth. Arrogance and false humility divide us from existence. Humility connects us.

When we are connected with existence in humility, a new world opens up for us. It is a peaceful, happy, kind, gentle, innocent world, full of grace.

The universe is constantly eating itself.

More than half of the individuals cells in your body are foreign entities. Many of them you can't live without. Some of them are killing you. None of them have your best interest at heart. They each have their own agenda, same as you. They each and all have the same fate as you too. Every physical vehicle is eaten by some other physical vehicle in the end.

None of us, however, are actually physical (or mental) vehicles; or, separate entities at all. Behind and beyond these illusions is the Reality of the one eternal Self which is truly only what we all are.

The more sluggish our consciousness, the more we project a fearful nightmarish world. The more subtle our conscious is, the more we perceive all existence with affection.

Wisdom is knowing we are not what we presume ourselves to be. Love is knowing we are all that is. The realizations that we are nothing as well as everything encompasses all trustworthiness. Everything else is self-deceit.

When we die we will be grateful for all of the genuineness and humility we allowed ourselves during our lives. We will realize that all of our moments or years of inauthenticity were a waste, at best; that our lives had quality only when we were real.

When we step out of God’s grace and put on a face - a decision always made semi-automatic out of fear, we presume that we need to control - not being in touch with our real selves. We choose self-esteem which denies natural self-worth by seeing ourselves through others eyes, rather than our own. Our self-image becomes determined by others, which is nerve wracking, messy and can lead to calamitous experiences. It takes lots of energy. Lots of time, too, during and come downs afterwards.

Learning to say what we do and do what we say, humbly, gives a good vehicle for our lives. Of course, this relaxes our minds and saves us lots of potential trouble. It lets our Light shine through. Our Love, of course, too.

We are all unique. We have nothing to be afraid of. We are who we are and we all are intelligent, loving, absolutely uniquely delightful beings who deserve to be here. This is our home.

We can watch the switches that make us forget that.

We can wake up to it and break the spell, each and every time.

We can wake up to it and break the spell for good.

nisargadatta_maharaj Devote Yourself and Surrender to Me, your real Self.
Sing my praises!
Surrender your fears & concerns and fake sense of identity to Me.
Let the mind become quiet and subtle.
Let go and see that I am the Doer. Not ‘you’. And,that there Is a Divine Plan.
Be Here Now.
Be Free. Be Blissful. Simply be effortlessly non-resistant and silently witness that It all happens by Itself, in Love.

I am the present moment, nothing more nor nothing less.

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