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No more mass emails

This page was last updated on 11/24/23.

10/10/23: Two Texas Teams - It's the Science
9/5/23: Bill Gates is a sinister comic book villain
8/19/23: All I wanted to say today
8/8/23: Why I succumbed to mass email again

101023 615p: Two Texas Teams - It's the Science
I was at Omar's enjoying a dirty martini and dinner on my favorite stool at the bar, watching a division series baseball playoff game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Texas Rangers. Whoever won this series would go onto play the winner of the Minneapolis Twins - Houston Astros series for the American League crown.

For 20 minutes or so I also enjoyed fun talk about the game with the guy on my right. Then, he mentioned we could have two Texas teams playing for the championship of the American League and remarked how horrible that would be.

I asked was that because of geography or politics.

I don't think he answered with words but his expression told me it was the latter. Ah, I said. I know what category you're in.

Just slightly irritatedly, he replied what do you mean what category I'm in?

I answered nothing to be offended about, we're all in categories. For instance, you want more gun control, right? and you don't like Trump, right?

Perhaps more irritatedly he responded as if to say of course.

Same happened when I said and you're vaccinated, right?

I added and you believe in global warming too, don't you? Of course you do. This is just science. We all fit into categories.

Though the answer to all my questions was yes and though I wasn't trying to be too provocative and though I go to Omar's every week or two and maybe because I have never come close to getting into a barfight anywhere before, I wasn't prepared for what happened next. Suddenly he stood up off his stool closer to me than he had been sitting; and, with the veins in his neck popping out in rage, threatened me with physical violence if I didn't shut up. I just said hey, this is just science as he stomped out the door, thank God.

evil-scientist 111x71 9/5/23: Bill Gates is a sinister comic book villain
As if the war on carbon dioxide wasn't already over the top, Bill Gates is now funding the destruction of 70 million acres or 109,375 square miles of trees, mostly in California, to fight global warming.

This same man who killed and deformed via vaccine millions of babies in India and Africa and wants to decimate much of the human population of earth; this same man who keeps pushing toward masks, forced vaccines, lockdowns and microchips; this same man who just had released billions of gm mosquitos into the sky; and, this same man who hasn't yet blocked the Sun is now fighting a war against trees.

Bill Gates is the sinister villain in some comic book that I read when I was a kid, though I was almost two already when he was born.

I'm thinking, hey, where's Superman? OR At least enough sane people to say NO to this psychopath if not try and imprison him in highest security and take all his money and use it to make right all the wrongs he has done?

Laugh at the latter if you want but the difference has been lost to me between real life and comic books. Kings, queens, popes, priests and politicians have always been further evidence of that.

2,000 kids appear still to be unaccounted for in the Maui incineration and massacre. I read one report that the buses that took them home that day were unaccounted for, too. Maybe they're not all dead, maybe part of the operation was abducting the kids into the pedo network prior to the incineration. 9/11 was on the front pages for a decade and we're constantly remembering it because of the slogan. The incineration and mass murder of 8/8 was swept out with the dust; and, as far as evidence is concerned, is still being swept behind closed doors.

There's a ton of Maui residents who know that wasn't a wildfire.

8/19/23: All I wanted to say today
#1 They are talking lockdowns and masks in one month. I will NOT wear a mask again.

#2 They're injecting mRNA nanotechnology into the food supply. They released billions of gm mosquitos. I recommend chlorine dioxide to combat real and artificial parasites.

#3 They are at war with carbon dioxide and the other basic building blocks of life and want to block the Sun and there is no issue with so-called climate change other than perhaps the toxic chemicals and frequencies they inflict upon us.

#4 The BRICS nations are meeting this coming week to initiate a gold backed crytocurreny and/or agree to trade among themselves using their own currencies. The dollar will plummet and the stock market and entire U.S. economy will collapse. Banks have already begun to fail. CBDCs will be implanted microchips.

#5 The Maui incinerations are already off the mainstreet front pages. They aren't even mentioned in More Top Stories in USAToday today. I had to do a google search to find out that the Maui death toll is reported today to be 111 with another 1,000 still accounted for. My local high school is having a fundraising benefit for Ukraine as I type this.

#6 Bigger than 9/11, the Maui Direct Energy Weapon incinerations were the most horrific and blatant of all of the Elite inside jobs that have accelerated exponentially in our society since the assassination of JFK and before.

Emergency sirens never went off. Boats burned. Trees didn't. Afterwards, water was cutoff. Supplies were cutoff. Roads were closed. Media was blocked out. Help was not allowed. FEMA and the National Guard looted and pillaged and it seems highly likely in reports I've read to have shot and killed a lot of people in the enclosed area. The Maui chief of police led the police so-called response to the Las Vegas massacre a few years ago, an amazing coincidence and another horrific inside job.

None of the many Maui billionaire landowners suffered any damage. Locals who lost everything and more are finding out they will not receive insurance money or reparations at all (other than $700 to each individual survivor from the Biden administration). Looks like Jeff Bezos, Marc Benioff, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Peter Thiel, Steven Tyler, Matthew McConaughey and Oprah Winfrey will have their first smart island.

Children were sent home from school on the day of the fires because of high winds and hundreds of them were incinerated. Hundreds of adults and hundreds and hundreds of animals were incinerated and murdered too. This was all done very deliberately, as you know and I know you know.

#7 There's talk that there are 15 or 16 more locations that they intend to incinerate before early fall.

Things are heating up.

I think that's almost all I wanted to say today.

Justice will be served. Freedom is Divine. May the 'woke' people and the rest of us everywhere wake up. The time is now. That's all there is.

8/8/23: The soon to be forgotten Maui mass child abduction, mass murder, land theft and raping & pillaging and incineration of Lahaina town.

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