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Superintelligence - AI Can Never Know Soul

The symbiosis between humanity and technology is the biggest shot we have at achieving a state of superintelligence.
~ Teal Swan

Bullshit. Intelligence + technology can never = superintelligence. Intelligence, like truth, is simpler than that. As truth is ever present underneath the lies and evident when the lies are removed, intelligence is a matter of subtraction - removing impediments to it, not addition. Superintelligence arises as the veils of delusion are removed. Technology is mental and part & parcel of every veil. The superintelligent awaken to Reality and no technology is required or can hasten that.

The superintelligent realize that drugs and Nobel prizes don't cure disease; that nature and getting rid of attitude, parasites and heavy metals cures disease. The superintelligent clearly see that nothing of value, like integrity, humility, love, wisdom or gold require or is or can be improved by technology.

The superintelligent discover that neither space, time, identity or objectivity exist, that no conception, perception or appearance is real, that only God is and that they are the entirety of It and that Spring comes and the grass grows by itself. The superintelligent discover that Awareness neither sleeps, dreams or dies and that nothing other than Awareness is real.

Rothschild, Rockefeller, Royalty, Jesuits, Zionists, Bill Gates, George Soros, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and almost all academia are very cunning & clever, but they are not intelligent.

The superintelligent are all who have discovered Self-inquiry and have become free of and immune to praise, disapproval, boredom, brainwashing, bribery and blackmail; and, they know the world is run by Satanists and would never take an mRNA so-called vaccine or strive to be trans-human as they know patented humans have no soul.

Cyborgs may soon or already fluently speak a hundred languages including advanced mathematics, but artificial intelligence can never know the silent non-mental non-temporal non-local space between the thoughts - it can never know God.

Are We Living in a Simulation?

Of course we are living in a simulation. We don't need a scientist to verify this for us. Nothing we perceive or conceive is real nor could be real. Neither time or space is real. Only the one Self is Real. Everything else is illusion. What is Real about anything is only the single subtlest thing that actually exists: God. Only God Is. Only I Am is another way to express it. There is no Other, nor could there be. There may be 100 elements in the chemical periodic table, but there is not even one electron in the spiritual periodic table - there's no room.

Reality is discovered only within. Reality is not an object. It is the Subject. It is a subjective universe. There is nothing objective in it. One cannot point at Reality. Whatever can be pointed at is not Reality. One can only be Reality, because That's all we are when everything we're not is removed. That's all anything is. Everything else is merely imagination or dreamstuff.

Same with all NDEs. Just dreams. Nothing Real about them. Don't go toward the light. 'Go' only deep within at the hour of death and all times. Find refuge only there and you'll never be fooled again.

Here Now I Am. [That's It & All.]

Everything else - everything that moves, everything that changes, everything that comes & gos, everything that involves thought - is illusory. The idea that I'm something separate from anything is the essence of illusion. There's no truth to it at all, even scientifically.

Most of the weight of my body is made up of separate microorganisms that have as little knowledge about "me" as I do about them, other than hear-say.

There is no evidence let alone proof that I'm a do-er. How can I be a do-er? I wouldn't even know how to be a do-er. Most things I could be accused of being a do-er of I have no idea how it happens, starting with basic things like breathing and eating. Breathing happens on its own. As soon as I swallow, I have no idea what happens with that food other than the body shits out waste the next morning. It all happens without me doing anything or even having a clue about the 8 millions steps required. If I was in charge we'd all be in trouble.

Someone in Cincinnati has an NDE and sees Jesus. Someone in Delhi sees Krishna. Someone in Hell sees the Devil.

Spring comes and the grass grows by itself. That's true with everything that comes & grows.

I'm the still, subtle, silent, aware background underneath and forever beyond all of it. I'm non-local. I can't be found in energy, matter, space or time - those things are all just the maya dance.

I don't even know how 'I' move my arm. It appears to be nothing short of magic or telekenesis to me. With thought or without, my arm raises to throw a football and I have no idea how that happens and neither does Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla.

The desire to control the simulation is the essential aspect of the simulation that controls us. Our fears & desires and thoughts & emotions belong to the simulation, not to Reality.

Each any every one of us dreams our lives in exactly four overlapping, yet separate universes simultaneously, continuously at least until we die: We all have a connection with God and existence in a spiritual universe [fire] and presume we have an 'I'. We have physical bodies in a physical universe [earth]; We have thoughts in a mental universe [air]. We have emotions in an emotional universe [water].

All four of these universes are within as dream, not without as if some sort of objective reality existed out there, which it doesn't. All four of these universes are without however, in that they're outside Reality. These four universes are all mirage.

Each any every one of us lives our lives in exactly three separate modes that succeed one another daily at least until we die: We 'wake up' and daydream all day, we sleep and we dream. We dream all day that we are an 'I' whether we are asleep or 'awake'.

No matter how many hours we spend being 'awake' or asleep every day, we spend a 1/3rd of our lives in each state. In deep sleep there is no time; and, in dream time is liquid.

Every day we 'wake up' and daydream, go to sleep and sleep dream; and, every day we exist and desire to exist and sense, think and feel.

Thoughtless awareness in day dream
  leads to awareness of dreaming in sleep dream
  leads to thoughtless awareness in sleep dream
  leads to awareness of being aware in deep sleep.
Awareness in deep sleep is only Awareness.

Awareness is outside the box. Awareness doesn't sleep, Awareness doesn't dream and Awareness doesn't die.

Reality is present no matter the dance of the four elements and three modes. Reality is aware of all of it. Though we may focus on the Simulation most of the time and believe we are in it, when we're aware, who is being aware is Reality.

Simulation of Simulation of Simulation of Simulation is all just The Simulation. It's all artificial to the nth degree.

Hindus call her Maya. Maya has a myriad of ways to deceive us in her dreamland of having an 'I' separate from Existence. Now she's given us the Mandela Effect and A.I. Hopefully, those who took the mRNA vaccine can still question her.

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