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Subjective Universe

Reality isn't out there. It's in here.

There is nothing objective about Reality. The paradigm that there is a reality out there that is more ancient and real than me that I am separate from but get to be a teeny tiny little speck in human form in and a part of for the few decades I can manage to survive is false; and, in fact, paradoxically absurd. This is my universe. It's personal to me and it's the only universe there is.

The perceiver/ conceiver may be faulty but it is primary to any appearances.

The only way I can experience the universe is through my perceptions and conceptions and conditionings, yet I am prior to them.

There is only one universe and it's my universe. It's personal to me though it appears to contain more things in it than I could ever know.

The witness is silent and it witnesses pain and pleasure the same. It never changes.

The mind and body are two aspects of the same entity. When the body dies, the mind does whatever it does.

I am neither as I witness both. I am prior to both and nonlocal, prior to space & time.

Am I the witness? There is no I in the witness, just as there's no I in the body/ mind either; and the witness effortlessly witnesses whatever there is. The witness and the witnessed occur together. They are one witnessing.

I can witness my idea of myself, but I can’t witness who I am, who is witnessing.

Is the witness dependent upon the body/mind?

When the body is still and the mind attains silence there is nothing to witness, yet still I am.

Am I dependent upon the witness?

The witness is not personal and I am prior to the witnessed and the witness; prior to the witnessing.

There are as many paths to God as there are universes and we each have our own universe and it's the only one.

The witnessing is there by itself. Who or what is the Doer other than Me in my entirety dressed as all there is? I can't witness who I am. I can best only be who I am, present tense, surrendered to the will of God, realizing the non-existence of a personal 'I; that I am existence, itself; that I am Reality, underneath and prior to all realms of the universe.

aug13 111 We are all alone when we have the insight, guts, heart & soul to face it and embrace it. We soon realize that all appearances are unreal; that the universe is in our consciousness, not the other way around and that the entirety of the universe is nothing but the reflection of our minds. We learn we have no one to blame for our universe other than ourselves and we can move toward fearlessness and truly be spontaneous and at home in it. We become securer in knowing that we are not any of that nor are we even the doer we had presumed ourselves to be before we found the truth that never hides; that we are all merely the only Reality that exists, prior to any concept - even the initial concept "I Am". Every not well examined subjectivity - and there is only One - whether in you or a tardigrade or a black hole Is all alone; but, that's exactly of course where It, the blessed, sacred Truth is at.

We all live with our mind.

It is and can only be a subjective universe. The perceiver is primary, not the perceived.

Mine is the only universe. I can only presume yours is too. I can only pretend and presume that any "you" exists as no personal "I" even shows itself when I eliminate everything outside of me.

Yet, I wonder about your universe once in a while.

My universe is personal yet my entire universe is included in my person. It's all me & mine.

There appear to be objects in my universe, but there isn't and can be no objectivity as there are only projections or appearances, whether in the universe or the mind identically. Daydreams and night dreams are pretty much the same.

Reality can only be found by removing all concepts.

If I don't know that, I don't know anything.

When there are no thoughts, the condition of the bodiless Self can be realized revealed.

Maharaj says: Keep your interest and attention on the Self. The Self will become manifest, infinite and boundless. Not knowing that you are is identification with the highest. So long as the vital breath is present mind will be also. Be in the Self. Don't get involved with the vital breath and the mind. Ignore the mind. While having bodily existence and in spite of the body, realize that blissfully happy state of the Self, absent the body, eternally.

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