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This page was last updated on 10/12/22.

"Dr. Hofmann got off the bicycle, a Wilde surmise dawning upon him: Each man spills the drink he loves... there is no beginning, no ending, no linear progression, only an unbounded net of jewels each of which reflects and contains the reflection of each of the others."
- Robert Anton Wilson

I am open to the guidance of synchronicity, and do not let expectations hinder my path.
~ Dalai Lama

Syncronistic meetings are like mirrors that reflect something of ourselves. If we want to grow spiritually, all we have to do is take a good look. Synchronicity holds the promise that if we want to change inside, the patterns of our external life will change as well.
~ Jean Shinoda Bolen

According to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment, just two indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness. The first symptom is that you stop worrying. Things don't bother you anymore. You become light hearted and full of joy. The second symptom is that you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous.
~ Deepak Chopra

Living by synchronicity isn't merely about getting messages. It is about growing the poetic consciousness that allows us to taste and touch what rhymes and resonates in the world we inhabit, and how the world-behind-th e-world reveals itself by fluttering the veils of our consensual reality.
~ Robert Moss

In every moment the Universe is whispering to you.
~ Denise Linn

We do not create our destiny; we participate in its unfolding. Synchronicity works as a catalyst toward the working out of that destiny.
~ David Richo

Synchronicity reveals the meaningful connections between the subjective and objective world.
~ Carl Jung

Affirmation & Truth: I operate in synchronicity, which requires only being present, which is the easiest most natural thing in the world. I prepared for this moment simply by completely giving up. The worry disappeared by itself. I am here now. This moment is entirely spontaneous & synchronicitous. Synchronicity is the Only Reality there is and there is nothing and no one here other than Synchronicity; and It is a personal universe.
~ Nobody Particularly

10/11/22, 847p: Flower Shop

ll 111x58 Tonight I watched episode 7 of The Lincoln Lawyer and on the right is a stll at the 32:49 mark. If you click on it you'll see it bigger underneath the similar picture I posted earlier in the day.

3/11/22, 344p: Three Peppers

peppers 83x109 On the night of February 26th I accompanied Molly on her $499 grocery shopping outing and I picked up $29 worth of stuff for myself. Somehow her three peppers - red, orange and green - ended up in my bag. Last night I realized I better start doing something with them, so as a late night snack I chopped up the red one and ate it with bleu cheese dressing and it was delicious.
Just came across and therefore posted this picture:

2/27/22, 353p: Motorcycle Death

syn 83x62 An hour before I learned of Matty's motorcycle death. I didn't know Matty, but I was asked to pass on the news. Then I happened on this image:

2/24/22, 206p: Gaslighting

The night before I had watched the last episode of Euphoria during which several of the women characters accused one another of gaslighting. Molly says she has used that term with me before, but this was the first time I recall hearing the word. I though of looking it up but didn't get around to it.

On this afternoon I visited Marie at her new house and her great friend Georgia was also at the dining room table. Georgia used the word gaslighting and I halted her almost immediately. Both she and Marie had somewhat mulilayered definitions of the term for me.

12/26/20: Wilson volleyball

Watched two movies tonight: First, Cast Away (2000) with Tom Hanks, where the only friend Tom Hanks has on an otherwise uninhabited island for four years is a Wilson volleyball. Then watched Greener Grass (2019) in which one of the characters fakes having a baby with a Wilson volleyball and even alludes to Tom Hanks in that regard.
3/24/21 postscript: Silas and I have been playing catch with a football two to three times per week for the last two months. We mostly use his Wilson football, but I bought my own a couple of weeks ago.

9/12/20: Who knows where these things come from?

blue-book 76x111 In the Daime tradition, we sing hymns that have been 'received' by members going back decades. In a small Work yesterday, amongst many others [such as this one] we sang my two hymns [1, 2]. Georgia hadn't sung them before and made a comment. In an ornery mood I said I didn't receive them - I just wrote and composed them. Marie (whose hymns we sang as well - here's 3) took exception to that and I responded jokingly well, who knows where these things come from? I heard Johanna laugh.

After the Work, I went home and eventually started going through my emails. One email sent me to a youtube and before exiting out, I noticed this youtube scrolling down and saved it for later: The Story Of Bridge Over Troubled Water, 1/24/20. At 0:38 Paul Simon says: I have no idea where it came from. It just came all of a sudden. One minute it wasn't there and a minute later the whole line was there. It was one of the shocking moments in my songwriting career. At the time I remember thinking this was considerably better than I usually write. But, that's how fast it came...

My favorite song in the world in 1969 was Bridge Over Troubled Water. Below, there is a Bridge Over Troubled Water synchronicity on January 30, 2019.

9/13/20: Today I went over and helped Marie water her plants and we discussed that what she need right now is Princess of Cups flowing water relaxing releasing restrictions not another bridge.

8/13/20, 308p: Viruses

10 minutes into 2012 Quantum Grammar seminar video 16 of 24, elucidating the analogy of Neo and the Matrix movies and himself and quantum grammar, David Wynn Miller says: Neo wakes up from the illusion, can see fiction and goes after the machine which wants to kill the humans because the human condition of thinking is flawed. What kills both humans and machines? Viruses. The machine can’t fight the virus because the virus can multiply itself exponentially and get inside the workings of the machine and then kill humans in their dream state because the illusion of a negativity virus exists as a danger.

Since the inception of this masked society, it has not left my thinking that the same guy who brought us Microsoft promises the vaccine for the coronavirus.

8/11/20: Kamala Harris

I've been taking notes on the 2012 Quantum Grammar seminar for nearly a month and will probably complete the notes through video 14 of 24 tomorrow. Got through the first half today. In the second two minutes of video 14, David Wynn Miller talks about an encounter he had with Kamala Harris a few months before the seminar date. Today, Kamala Harris was nominated to be Biden's running mate.

8/7/20, 430p: Bounce and Hypnotized watching golf

bounce 111x143 Watching the PGA. Saw Rory McIlroy sink his put and start walking off the green. then I turned back to the computer screen. At precisely the same moment the golf announcers commented about the bounce in Roy's step, I saw this gif and clicked on it.

8/8/20, 335p: In between watching the 3rd day of the tournament I was writing todays post. Got to the point of writing People are hypnotized at the same moment one of the announcers said the word mesmerized.

7/18/20: Pay Master

Earlier in the day, I was taking notes of David Wynn Miller's Quantum Grammar seminar and he stated that all money and all countries worldwide are controlled by the post office; that the postmasters of the world run the entire planet going back to the pharaoh and in support of the masons. Benjamin Franklin was the 1st postmaster general and George Washington was the letter carrier of the Continental Congress and thus became the 1st president.

Later in the afternoon I was researching the extremely wealthy and secretive Payseur family and discovered that payseur means pay master.

7/17/20: Ostracized

We watched the last few episodes of Vikings in the evening. Instead of killing his brother, the king expelled his brother to the wilderness.

Afterwards and just before sleep, we read a few pages of Clan of the Cave Bear where Ayla was expecting a death curse which would have expelled her to the wilderness forever. Instead, she merely got a 7 day curse by the leader of the tribe.

6/30/20, 4p: Hierophant

hierophant 111x154 An internet tarot service sends Molly a tarot card with interpretation every morning. I was just posting this image when she walked by and saw the posting and told me the Hierophant had been her card today.

6/27/20, 254p: Sao Pedro cactus

sp1-65x74 sp2 49x74 Yesterday, Molly gave me one of her two Sao Pedro cacti and I took it to Marie's earlier this afternoon. Just randomly came across this other photo a couple of hours later.

invictus 65x89 6/10/20, 1003p: Invictus

We just watched season 5 episode 8 of the Blacklist. At the end, Reddington read aloud Invictus by William Ernest Henley as Elizabeth awakened from a 10 month coma.

Yesterday, I came across a jpg of it and posted it to OnlyGodIs and Various.

6/12/20 1143p: Tonight we watched the 2nd episode of New Amsterdam and about 2/3rds of the way through, the new cardio head recites Invictus.

1/28/20, 930p: Year of [Stepping on] the [Dead] Rat

year_of_the_rat 65x75 The Year of the Rat began Friday January 24th at 142p. With the intention to hibernate in darkness for 11 days, at 447p on that date I taped my mouth, inserted ear plugs and put on a blindfold.

My half page instructions to my caretaker included feeding my cat (plenty) at least twice a day, insuring that he didn't run out of food in between visits. Caretaker was advised always to check under the bed for animals too, because Maruti occasionally brings rats, mice or birds in dead or alive (especially when he's disgruntled with the meal service).

All went well until Tuesday night when it seemed like an eternity since caretaker's last visit and Maruti's ever more anguished wails penetrated the ear plugs for a couple of hours or so. In the last half hour, there had also been a few soft thuds & bumps I couldn't account for...

Finally, I made the hard decision and removed the blindfold, etc. and scooted off the bed. Contact lens-less but seeing anything for the first time in over four days, my first step after landing on the floor was directly on the plump body of a large dead rat.

Note to a wiser self: A darkness retreat or at least 24 hour support next time.

dark room 65x49 12/25/19, 136a: Dark Room
Had Christmas dinner with Marie and Johanna and Greg tonight. Before Gabe arrived, I revealed to them I'm thinking of going into the dark for at least a week. Until then, only Molly had heard my arising intentions about it. Right before bed, I came across this image on the internet.

bbad 65x35 11/20/19, 1044p: Breaking Bad Birthday with Flies

Subject: W, 7p
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 2019 12:25:24 -0800
From: Sonny
To: Molly, Johanna, Marie

The last synchronicity I recorded was on November 20th. I was alone that night so I watched the 2nd episode of Boardwalk Empire rather than continue with Breaking Bad which Molly and I had started binge watching together. At around the 39 minute mark, the main protagonist (played by Steve Buscemi) is rebuffed derisively by an older generation gangster regarding his excuse for missing a future meeting: “...A grown man throwing himself birthdays”.

In the season one 5th episode of Breaking Bad, the night before, Walt and Skyler were at the birthday party of Walt’s ex-associate that is awkward for them. While the ex-associate is opening presents in front of everybody, at the 9: 25 mark, Skylar whispers to Walt: "Why is he doing this? What is he, like eight years old?"

Postscript: On November 25th, Molly and I watched the last episodes of season 2 of Breaking Bad. In them, Walt’s partner Jesse lives in a duplex. His address is 323, adjacent to 325. I, of course, live in a duplex at 321, adjacent to where I used to live at 323 and the main house address is 325; and, here I am throwing myself a birthday party.

My solar return is at 107p. The full moon is at 912p. Let’s meet at the Black Sheep at 7p on Wednesday night. I hope Greg will be coming.

bbad2 65 bbad3 65x54 11/25/19: Came across these two pictures in the last day or so:

12/14/19 1230a: Just finished Breaking Bad (Season 5, episode 16). It started 62 episodes ago on Walt's 50th birthday. It ended on his 52nd birthday. My birthday was day before yesterday. Greg and I discussed Breaking Bad the first time the day before his birthday when we were still in season 2.

Tonight (13th) also, I finally won my week or longer battle with flies, killing probably 100 to 200 per day. It started a day after I discovered a rat head and body under the bed, which Maruti must have brought in. I've found many dead (and live) animals under the bed, but never have any of those occurences led to a flea onslaught. Near as I can surmise, though, that must have been the cause.

Breaking Bad season 3, episode 10 is called "Fly" and it's when "...Walt rants about this tiny “contamination” that could, as he declares before episode’s end, leave them dead if the menace is not eradicated". See: Why The ‘Fly’ Episode Of ‘Breaking Bad’ Is An Essential Rewatch Before Netflix’s ‘El Camino’ Movie, 10/8/19 and Breaking Bad's Fly Explained: What The Divisive Episode Means, 9/5/19. Fly visuals occur several times throughout the remainder of the series.

Coincidentally, that was the one episode I complained to Molly about. It had been needlessly drawn out disappointing to me, as I recall. I'll probably watch it again. Was it when I watched it then when my fly problem started? I don't know but it was close.

12/14/19, 321p: Only a half a dozen flies to deal with so far today. The war is won. There's just a little mopping up to do.

By far I think, Breaking Bad is the most captivating television I've ever seen. I will miss it until I watch it again. I won't (of course) miss the flies.

9/14/19, 443p: Pink Floyd
Last night Molly and I went out to gaze at the first Harvest Moon on Friday the 13th in 19 years and talked about Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon truly being one of the greatest albums of all time for a couple of minutes ~930p.
At our second business meeting today, David invited Molly and I to see the Australian Pink Floyd Show tomorrow. We are very excited. It wasn't until I spoke with her at 443p that she brought my attention to the synchronicity.
9/15/19 1020a: Yesterday evening, in an email to David I alluded to this synchronicity, reconfirming how much Molly & I were looking forward to the concert today and meeting David's brand new girlfriend Erica.
This morning David called and reported that on Friday night, precisely at 930p, he and Erica were consummating their relationship in the most romantic moment ever experienced while listening to Dark Side of the Moon.
Postscript: Both women were on the dark sides of their moons and didn't go. David and I enjoyed the concert to its psychedelic max. It was sweet to see Johanna & Greg there. (See No Hitter on LSD below.) 091519-Australian-Pink-Floyd-Show-ticket-65x32 Underneath 'THE AUSTRALIAN PINK FLOYD SHOW', the concert ticket (to the right) read: 'ALL THAT YOU LOVE 2019'. (See immediately below.)

9/14/19, 128p: Gimme Love+
When I left David’s yesterday (9/13 308p, after our first business meeting), uncharacteristically, I thanked him for sending me the love. (See also 135135 below.)
Today, shortly after arriving, we were talking about the many domain suffixes there are now and I mentioned .love. It wasn’t long before David said “gimme love”. I said that’s a great one and we both agreed that probability of it being available was slim. We were astonished that it was available. The price was $375. At 128p, our order was placed at $280 because David is on the list of preferred accounts as this was #74 he controls. My share was $140, which was precisely what I gave David to pay Brandon yesterday: 10hrs x $13 = $130, but I didn’t have change.
I only learned in yesterday's meeting that David is an extremely adept hypnotist as well as a unique genius encompassing many arenas. He is going to make me rich so I have to start desiring it and be open to creative inspiration to realize good reasons. I can believe it. Watched Middle Men a few days ago.

dock_ellis_lsd 65x93 9/10/19, 510p: No Hitter on LSD
Two nights ago, I ate dinner at Omar's. The coaster I had under my glass of wine had a five question trivia test of which #5 was the only one I got right. I thought the coaster was interesting enough that I brought it home and its scanned image is the 2nd to the last scrolling down when you click on the image to the right.
At 356p today, Johanna emailed me the very last image when you scroll down, the quite unfinished crossword puzzle. There was nothing in the body of the email - just 'Really??!!' in the Subject box.

9/6/19, ~715p: 135135
This morning, when I got into my truck, I noticed the odometer read 135,135 miles.
This evening, David dropped by out on his walk. The subject of CBD oil came up and he asked if I had any. Coincidentally, I had just bought a fairly large container for the first time in a long time a few days ago. I brought the calculator up on the screen to see what I paid per 1oz: $250/ 18.5oz = $13.5135135135135.../ 1oz.
9/7/19: Came in and looked at the clock and it was 135p.

9/6/19, 652p: Van Down by the River
Subject: Re: Did you get a good laugh at that?/ Matt Foley: Van Down By The River
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2019 18:52:43 -0700
From: Nobody Particularly
To: RS
I remember that brothers keeper thread email but it was one that didn’t pan out; i.e. I neither satisfactorily figured out what it was about nor found more interest to do enough more so on the following go round though I scrolled down twice... Obviously, I am still bamboozled by the current subject matter, whatever it is. However, make sure you scroll down to the bottom picture of this.

From: RS
Sent: Friday, September 6, 2019, 3:01 PM
To: Nobody Particularly
Subject: Did you get a good laugh at that?
In relation to a thread about, am I my brothers keeper, the linguistics origins of and meaning of Keeper, search engine that I also sent, about seven or eight meanings down that page link. A funny guy said that in the blog comments. Nobody gives a rat shit about the art work website design on rense it is the human beings making light hearted fun n puns in the sun comments.? Living in a Van Down by the River

8/12/19, 1115p: Dancing in the Moonlight
After putting it off for four months, this afternoon I finally searched and compiled 70 songs for Molly, most from the '70s. Dancing in the Moonlight was the most time consuming because I 'knew' I already had it and spent 10 minutes searching for it on my computer to no avail before I just found the youtube and converted it. Ended up with it going around and around in my head the rest of the day.
Tonight we watched Hitman's Bodyguard. Dancing in the Moonlight was the last track of the movie soundtrack.

bloodegg 65 7/29/19, ~945p: Bon Appétit
Though I had posted an article about it when it came out a couple of years ago (and have a whole section on such things), I had forgotten about the Katy Perry video Bon Appétit when I came across it again this past week and did a little more research about it - here, here, here, here, here and here; and, sent an email about it to a few friends on 7/26/19.
Last night (I write this the next morning), we watched Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, a movie that came out in 2016. Samuel L. Jackson plays a villain who eats human eyeballs. About 2/3rds of the way through, he exclaims "Bon Appétit" as he does so.

7/14/19, 457p: Stephen Fry
Searching for movies I came across this torhd page and the movie Hippopotamus, based on the novel by Stephen Fry.
Just an hour ot two earlier I had played three or four songs by Zeca Baleiro, including Stephen Fry, one of my favorite songs of his. I would guess that I've played that beautiful song three or four times since I've been living in this house (seven years), the last time probably at least a year ago. It hadn't ever occurred to me that the song may be about an actual perhaps socially prominent Stephen Fry as I had no memory of ever having heard of him. Most likely, the song is about the writer, (actor and comedian) mentioned above. His wikipedia is huge and he now even looks familiar to me.

4/3/19, 420p: Radford
Just signed up with MofO N & Dental with agent Brian Radford. It was just a couple or three days ago that I noticed that there is a Melinda Radford in the tribe phone book. Carol Radford was my prom date in high school.

3/18/19, 649p: Another Libra Full Moon pairing
Just discovered that Grandma Abbie was born on a full Moon, the first one in Spring. [The next full Moon is in two days and will be the first one of Spring 135 years after Grandma Abbie's birth.] I named Maruti after Nisargadatta as they were both born on the first full Moon of Spring, as well.

3/12/19 620p: Eagle confirmation
While working on the Miluk history page, Molly called and a few minutes into our conversation (which was not about my project) she exclaimed that a bald eagle just flew by.

2/14/19, ~11p: Nuts & Berries and Bird's eggs
Earlier this day, continuing to research my heritage, I came across this:
"The Coos planted many different things. They would plant Eagle feathers which they said would turn into trees. They lived on heavy vegetated mountainsides. They planted many berries, roots and nuts, which the women of the tribes would go out and pick. In addition, their rich diet consisted of seafood, game, sea bird eggs and other delicacies.” The nuts that the women collected, “tasted like bitter chocolate, coffee and burnt popcorn.” The roots, of skunk cabbage, that were grown were important within their culture because not only did it serve as medicine for colds, it also provided as a food source."
This night, I continued reading Clan of the Cave Bear to Molly; and in Ch. 4, read this:
The cave was in an ideal location; they had the best of both worlds. Temperatures were warmer than any that prevailed in the surrounding area and there was an abundance of wood to supply fuel for warmth during the freezing winter months. A large sea was close at hand, filled with fish and seafood, and cliffs along the shore were home to a nesting colony of seabirds and their eggs. The temperate forest was a forager's paradise of fruits, nuts, berries, seeds, vegetables, and greens. They had easy access to fresh water from springs and streams. But most important, they were within easy reach of the open steppes, whose extensive grasslands sustained the massive herds of large grazing animals that supplied not only meat but clothing and implements. The small clan of hunter-gatherers lived off the land, and this land held an overwhelming abundance.”

2/3/19, 414p: Grandpa
"Grandpa, Welcome Home!" on a Super Bowl commercial just as I was typing 'grandpa' in my email to Bonny about my grandpa, including two photos of him.

1/30/19, 1054a: Bridge Over Troubled Water
Molly asked me to sing Bridge Over Troubled Water. Here’s the 3rd and last verse:
Sail on Silver Girl
Sail on by
Your time has come to shine
All your dreams are on their way
See how they shine
If you need a friend
I’m sailing right behind
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind

Marie had just bought some silver for the first time. Centered around her healing and manifestation of everyone in the group's desires, we and several others had been image cycling via zoom once a week for a couple of months and ongoing.

12/13/18 329p: Eye of God2
Just after I had expressed my concern about my sister's health to Molly on the phone, Molly sent me an email at 321p in which she said "I bet in the next week or receive some type of "seeing" especially regarding your sister and Work might possibly help or so. I have sent a request in prayer to come… For grounding, new life, health and abundance for all.."
Eight minutes after that I received this, with jpgs:
——– Original Message ——–
Subject: And just when asked for:
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2018, 329p
eyeofgod1 eyeofgod2After I sent the email (321p) to you, immediately, I looked up and saw the eye of God answering me… And telling me he’s watching over me and you, your sister and all of our friends and extended family’s!
What Love! Absolutely phenomenal! And so the world is intertwined, the universe, and all of vibrations together. We are all one! Thank you

11/3/18 353p: Eye of God
eye-of-god 111 Was reluctant to admit that this image was also one of the synchronicities before my Dad’s death. I came across it around when I found the other two images (links below) and hadn’t posted it yet, like the last posting in October. This is the first posting in November.

My Dad’s last looks into this world were with pure eyes. There was wonder in them. Incredibly so. Innocence, humility & love, too. But they were pure - the cosmos wasn’t flashing a display in them, visually, at least to me, like this image. My Dad’s last looks were more like clear crystal balls. God was looking out through those eyes, their last looks into this world.

For at least one fleeting moment they looked directly into my eyes. I was awed by His wide open gaze and felt somewhat afraid of it, like it layed me bare, like I was unworthy before such Holiness.

I met his sacred gaze and will be forever grateful for it.

My Dad’s last looks into this world were pure, perhaps a little like a white bird or snow; but, this image conveys something about them, as well.

10/28/18 907p: Little White Feather
white-feather Came across this picture on the internet. Earlier, at 351p, I found a little white feather on the wet sidewalk outside my doormat. I brought it in and placed it in front of a crystal ball on my alter.
A couple of postings to Babar's ago - still within 11 from the top, I had posted the image below.

10/29/18 245p: My Dad passed away. My sister held his left hand and I held his right hand through several pacemaker shocks. Twice, when he came back in between shocks he said he heard bird chirps in his ears and in one was seeing lots of birds. In between one of his earlier shocks I asked him if he was ready to go and he said "I just don't know why it takes so long". His last looks into this world were with pure eyes.

white-dove He had arranged all his affairs. All his kids and grandkids enjoyed warm, close contact with him in his last years; especially, this year and the last weeks and days. He made it that way. I'm sure the birds were there to greet him; and, I know he flew with his own wings.

alter2cr alter_cr 10/30/18 ~430p: Just realized and looked and saw that I posted Alex Grey's painting of Jesus (again, over years) just five postings back. That's the same image above and to the right of the crystal ball and feather on my alter. There will be no more Babar's postings until November. Here's how the top of October 2018 will remain:


10/26/18 ~1115p: Texas hold’em
Molly told me she played Texas hold’em poker at a nice home on Clay St. with Sage. Leaving for Omar’s at 5:40p, I had found myself singing Kenny Rogers song “Know when to hold ‘em". Left an open contract in for the weekend that best would have been closed much earlier.

squirrel down tree 9/6/18 954p: Squirrels going down trees
A day or three ago, Bonny told me that squirrels are the only animal that come down a tree facing forward. Had never heard that before and found it amazing, if true. Just came across this picture and posted it.

5/15-17/18 406p: Ltd. 11:11s
5/15/18, 1111a: Matt called me back and I named my new Colorado LLC Purnameva, Ltd.
5/16/18, 1109a: Articles of Incorporation filed.
5/17/18, 1111a: Matt answered my email question about avoiding a business license; which led to the next email reply from him at 1138a.
5/17/18, ~6p: Near the end of Critical! A.I. Demons to Take-Over Man-Kind & 5G, 6/29/17 we are introduced to EVIL, Ltd.
4.7474 1111 synchronicities practically in a row: Four 1111s and an ltd.

3/27/18 624p: Husbandry
At ~33 minutes Mafia of the Soul 2of6, Osho said the word husband comes from husbandry. Right before when got on the subject I had the feeling as well as the doubt that he would mention that, as, just a few days ago I read (or saw and heard – I think it was a youtube) something that explained that fact that seemed vaguely familiar and sensible though not for sure known to me.

2/7/18 ~1130a: 77,777 at 111
Driving to Corvallis this morning, speedometer hit 77,777 at the 111 mile marker.

12/16/17 759p: Nisan
120817x Last night there was a car parked on the street in front of the house with the license plate 'NISAN'. Molly and I both took note of it and I remarked about the interesting spelling. Molly was familiar with the word meaning late March into most of April (Sun in Aries) in the Jewish calendar, but she didn't mention that.
Today I came across this image and posted it.

10/27/17 127p: Quantum DNA
My Spooky2 activity had been nearly nil for the last couple of months due to focus on unforeseen other pressing affairs. Looks like I'm going into a period where I can nurture it again. Spooky2 stands for quantum entanglement squared, alluding to one of the three basic modalities, remote transmission to DNA (radionics).
Today, I established my 30th 508 account and the 3rd one to begin with the word quantum. The email address of this latest one is
12/1/17: Received app for 31st account - the 4th one to begin with the word quantum.
7/14/19 Note: Out of 40 active accounts, still four are: QUANTUM BLESSINGS MISSION, QUANTUM CHURCH, QUANTUM LIFE MISSION and QUANTUM TRUTH MINISTRY, all started by people who still don't know of each other.

8/1/17 1111p: 1111a Full Moon
Exactly at 1111p, it happened that I did the astrological chart for the upcoming Full Moon, which is a lunar eclipse in 5-1/2 days at 1111a.

7/30/17 820p: Daime Niceness
Last night, Marie sent me an email in which she said: " I haven't been drinking Daime this last year...and you were certainly a better person when you were."
Tonight, Molly sent me an email 15 minutes ago in which she said: "Maybe you were a nicer person when drinking dime - just maybe you were and need the medicinal help!"
Though I had thought to, I hadn't read Marie's letter to her.

7/14/17 635p: Khazars again
Two days ago, while getting a plasma treatment, Marie asked me about the Ashkenazi. She made a connections with the Cathars and realized later she had meant the Khazars.
While scrolling down this page to enter the below 432Hz entry, I came across the earlier Khazars entry.

7/14/17 630p: 432Hz
071217d71 Yesterday I researched the Solfeggio so-called frequencies for a couple of hours and came across and was struck by a Sadhguru video about 432.
Just came across this image.

7/6/17 807p: Blowing up basketball
063017o47 After various attempts over the last three weeks, trying different pumps and buying more needles, I blew up the basketball successfully for the first time a couple of hours ago and just came across this image.

5/26/17 340p: 666 Pedophilia & Evil
Decided a few minutes ago to pare down the Psychopathy page and create a Pedophilia page of its own. Just got to the point of deleting all else on it (after Saving As the original Psychopathy page) and discovered that the code line where I have to start deleting is line 666.

5/1/17 ~430p: Non-Alcoholic Beer
On Saturday(4/29), we went to Molly's folks' house for dinner and I had a bottle of non-alcoholic beer for the first time
This afternoon, Michel asked me I wanted anything from Market of Choice and I said yeah, a six pack of microbrew pale ale. She brought me back a non-alcoholic beer
Side-Synchronicity: Immediately prior to making this entry, I was looking online for tickets to the synchronicity below (and, still treating Maruti for mites).

4/5/17 311p: Ear Mites & Fleas
Spent a lot of time this morning researching which frequencies to run to eradicate the mites in Maruti's ear. A couple of different times, I unconsciously typed in 'fleas' rather than 'mites' in my Search (and then of course had to redo the Search). Just started the protocol a few minutes ago.
Immediately after that I began the treatment log as I'd promised Molly and myself last night. This meant going back over my diary to discern dates and times of those prior treatments as accurately as possible. On the left side of my screen was (is) an article called All You Need to Know About Ear Mites in Cats.
Scrolling back in time through my diary, my eyes lit on an entry I made three days ago: "Nice interaction with Zoë at Market of Choice. She mentioned some performance, I think, on May 3rd – 'A Flea in Her Ear'?"

11/16/16, 620p: No Onions
This afternoon, I ordered a hotdog with mustard and lots of onions, but it came with too much mustard and minimum onions.
Tonight I ordered cheese enchiladas with lots of onions in them and I got huge cheese enchiladas and no onions.

11/10/16, 126p: Lock-down
At 1056a, Molly called and said Phoenix H.S. is in a lock-down.
Mentioned to Michel that the electoral college doesn’t vote until December 19th. She said: “Oh, that’s when it’s locked down”.

9/23/16, 450p: 1337 & 1327
Went to the coin shop to sell one gold coin. The bulletin board there said the spot price of gold was $1338. My initial thought was that that was the degree and minutes of my rising sign. Then I thought, no, my ascendant is 13°pisces37' (not 1338). Ended up selling my coin (a minute later) for ten dollars less than the spot price at that minute of $1337, so I received $1327.
Addendum: Next morning (9/24), I addressed a 508 app to the Oregon Secretary of State division and their zipcode is 97310-1327.

9/17/16, 330p: Goodwill
David stopped by and in our short conversation asked me if I would email him something. As I was providing him paper and pen to write his email address, I remarked to him: "Nice shirt". He mentioned a couple of places he likes to buy shirts. Just before he wrote down his email address, I replied that the Goodwill here is pretty good sometimes for finding clothes. His email address? gdwill7@___; gdwill standing for God's Will. Close enough.

072716r 7/27/16, 358p: Haile Selassie
A potential client who is black asked me about my spirituality yesterday. One of the things I said is that it is parallel with the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and Osho and Nisargadatta, etc. Later, it occured to me that it I might have scored points had I mentioned Haile Selassie.
Just now I came across the attached image.

5/9/16, 408p: Khazars
On May 6th, I posted this, which has one link at the bottom of an article about the hidden history of the Khazars, which I found impactful.
On May 8th in the early afternoon, I visited my Dad; and, not at my initiation, we got on the subject of the history of the Jews and I ended up leaving abruptly to keep what quickly became an argument from erupting further.
This afternoon, I received a 7thfire inquiry from someone requesting "information to help repair my kahzarian credit history!"
See also Khazars again.

1/10/16 258p
010916h53 Molly called when I was looking for pictures to ask me, thinking it was an astrological phrase, what Don Quixote’s Syndrome was. This is the picture that was on my screen.

12/8/15, ~230p
On hold with IRS because Quantum Mission's EIN didn't go through, I did successfully process Healing Waters Ranch Ministry's EIN - who signed their apps in quantum language.

12/5/15, 128p
Don't know how we got on the subject, but last night (~11p), I told Molly of how there's lots of speculation and evidence that Francis Bacon wrote both the King James Bible and all of Shakespeare's plays. This morning, I decided to send a 3wisemen mass mailout out about it; and, did, at 1248p.
Afterwards, just going through my Inbox, I came across this forwarded youtube: Karen Hudes, Dr. Ed Spencer - Humanity Will Prevail Over Conehead "Beings"?, 4/29/14. At the 2:33 minute mark, Dr. Spencer says: "I didn't know anything until I was 62 and studied the Shakespeare authorship controversy..."
[I'll be 62 in six days.]

12/3/15, 1111p
Read chapters 6,7 and 8 of Alvin Journeyman to Molly when we went to bed. At the finish of chapter 8, I looked up, saw the time and said: Well, it's 1111pm - Is tha enough reading tonight? Looked back down at the book and saw that chapter 8 ended on page 111.

12/1/15, 346p
Silas and Vin just left after a nice hour or so visit. Alvin Journeyman was on my desk as I’d been reading it to Molly. Two days ago, Vin told Silas about the series.

11/28/15, 914p
seasoning_with_salt Yesterday, Michel asked if I had any kosher salt so she could baste her turkey with it. I replied that I’d never heard of kosher salt. Just came across this photo.

Yesterday, I spoke to three prospects or clients on the phone and cautioned all of them about not going down rabbit holes.
Today, I came across this article.

9/24/15, 623p
Read the local newspaper as I usually do where I went to dinner tonight. There was an article in it, which listed the current top 10 bestsellers in the country; and I noted that #3 in fiction is Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee - her 2nd book; the first being the much beloved To Kill a Mockingbird, written clear back in 1960. I remember seeing something about this new book by her coming out a few months ago.
Returned home from dinner to find a brand new copy sitting on Michel's outdoor table just outside my door.

Over a month ago, I had compiled a list of diverse events which were to occur on this date. In chronological order, this was the first one on the list:
9/9-10/6/15: Madonna (Whore of Babylon?) tour - east coast. Opening theme is Desecration of the Bride and arrival of fallen angels. (In Madison Square Garden on 9/16-17/15).

On p.99 of I Am That:
Q: Krishnamurti too speaks of living in awareness.
M: He always aims directly at the 'ultimate'. Yes, ultimately all Yogas end in your adhi yoga, the marriage of consciousness (the bride) to life (the bridegroom). Consciousness and being (sad-chit) meet in bliss (ananda). For bliss to arise there must be meeting, contact, the assertion of unity in duality.

8/23/15, 230p
Yesterday, I watched the following Alfred Lambremont Webre interview with Leuren Monet: Antichrist in Greece. Depopulation in USA. Putin's role-Collapse Western economy, 4/10/15. In it, I heard for the first time of the historical and etymological connection, which is shrouded in some mystery, between the Roman Empire and Romania.
This afternoon, during my weekly visit with my Dad, I asked, as I usually do, how all my siblings are doing.
He exclaimed "Sue's going to Romania next month!" Apparently, a friend gave her some miles and she's going to an international meeting of an esoteric group she is involved with.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Dany N"
To: freedompool
Sent: Sunday, September 06, 2015 11:21 AM
Subject: 7th Fire Inquiry:

Hello, I am victim of torture with electronic weapons from 1989 revolution in Romania. my name is Nicorescu Ecaterina and I am from Romania... Please help me with advices and concrete help if you can, to deactivate the electronic pieces, microcips, etc., who I know I have implanted in teeths, body abd brain...

8/2/15 6p
At the Salmon Ceremony all day. After returning home, first checked my email and then the golf news.
Only 7f email from Dereck Chappell; Kevin Chappell blew the golf tournament today.


Thursday, July 30, 2015
Earlier this evening, Michel forwarded me the link Hidden symbolism in the movies of Stanley Kubrick, 7/26/14, a Mark Devlin interview with Jay Weidner; and, I watched the entire hour and 11 minutes and found it fascinating. It expounded on topics I was aware of, such as the story that Kubrick filmed the Moon landings or the portrayal of the elite occult world in Eyes Wide Shut; and, it introduced many new tidbits of interesting information, such as the artificiality of Saturn's third largest moon, Iapetus.

In the interview they discuss how 2001, the movie, differs from the original novel in that the Moon monolith beams a signal to Jupiter rather than Saturn. Further, they talk about the hexagon pattern on Saturn's north pole and the eye on Saturn's south pole and also some hints about the occultic connection of Saturn to Satan and Set; a subject I was only vaguely aware of, but for a long time.

During and after watching the video interview, I did google searches on various epiphanies and potential epiphanies that were inspired, including the search "saturn and satan", which yielded 528 is the Frequency of SATURN/SATAN — NOT OF CHRISTIAN “LOVE”, 7/24/11 as the fourth link down the page.

The 440Hz Standard Tuning Conspiracy, I was aware of, but I had never read anything derogatory about 528Hz. Here's the third paragraph:

"Stanley Kubrick’s final Hollywood movie, “Eyes Wide Shut” reveals this hidden truth. In the movie, Tom Cruise’s character meets an old friend – a MUSICIAN who tells him of a special gig – where he is payed very well simply to repetitively play a series of special HARMONIC CHORDS during a deeply occult ritual. He does this while blindfolded the entire time. This is the central theme of the entire movie – and a very real secret that possibly cost Kubrick (a Hollywood insider if there ever was one) his very life."

6/18/15 ~1030a: Synchronicity: Het
After letting it to ruminate within my mind for a couple of years, I finally made an appt. to audition to be a reader for Blackstone Audio Books.
Last night, I read to Tom a couple of minutes of my two choices: 7th Son, Ch.1 (fiction) and Chaos, Prologue (non-fiction).
On the first page of the former, the word 'het' is used; a 19th Century colloquialism for heated.
Just before I parked at the PO this morning, the license plate of the car in front of me was 647 HET.

5p: Barbecue with Dad, Molly, Brigger, Michel, James and Alena. Synchronicity: James and my Dad had never met, yet they discovered in conversation tonight that James was at my Dad’s house on Thursday to help his friend who is renovating the hootch.

On Our Way Home

Monday, March 30, 2015
My Dad's two cardiac arrests the day after hip replacement surgery brought all of my siblings together, by ourselves, for the first time in 30 or 40 years.

My brother Steve was here for a week; and, just this afternoon, as these words are typed, I took him to the airport for his flight home to Arizona. He had arrived two days before my Dad was released from the hospital.

On that day my Dad finally got to go home, Steve presented me with an old, rare Beatles album called Let It Be… Naked; not something my eyes naturally light up for, but I don't mind hoarding music.

The next morning, I ripped it, but didn't listen to it, before taking my cat, Maruti, to the vet for his weekly checkup due to a broken leg a bit more than a couple of months ago. Maruti doesn't like being put into a cat cage and taken to the vet. Perhaps in a couple more weeks he won't have to submit to it anymore.

The vet is 35 minutes away and Maruti always moans all the way there. He moans most of the way back, too, though less passionately. Often, I'll om or sing to him to try to calm him down. Not sure if it works at all, but it helps me feel better. Driving down the freeway, on this trip back home, while thinking of my Dad finally home and needing constant care for the next month and Maruti coming to the end of his captivity, I found myself singing to Maruti: "On our way home... we're on our way home..." over and over; a familiar tune from years ago, though no other words or thoughts about what song it was or who sang it came to mind.

Soon after we got home, I listened to the Beatles album my brother had loaned me while I worked out. One of the tracks is “Two of Us”, which, as it turns out is where the tune and words "on our way home" I was singing come from.


Saturday, February 14, 2015; 12pm
How many times do you hear someone use the word felicity in life? How many people even have any idea what it means? I didn't until a couple of days ago, when Molly used it in a conversation we had.

felicity Today, to illustrate an email to her and her son Brigger re: depression and happiness and ho'oponopono, one of the three images I happened to come across and choose was this gif about felicity.

Sunday, February 15, 2015; ~630pm
Talked to my sister who was having a dinner party. She remarked that Felicity (who I had never heard of before) had just shown up.

Yesterday, Molly wanted me to look up 1 Corinthians 13, so I played her Donny’s hymn.
Today, Molly had brought a folder of photos over and I scanned it the ones I wanted. Amongst the pictures was a writeup she had done long ago, which she didn’t know was in there, about 1 Corinthians 13.

930p: Watched an entire Osho video. Synchronicity: He spoke about cockroach minds and we just read the chapter in 7th Sun about Alvin’s lesson with the cockroaches.

House of the Rising Solar Return Sun

Thursday, December 11, 2014, 753am
102013i Sunup was at 725am today. My 61st solar return was 28 minutes after that; the Sun (followed very closely behind by Mercury) obviously having just begun it's rise in the sky (in the astrological 12th House).

Sometime before the Sun finished it's ascent, I went out to find Michel organizing stuff on her patio and Michael, as usual, playing flamenco music on his guitar. Michael didn't know anything about solar returns, but he knew it was my birthday; and, he immediately played, as Michel and I sang, "Happy Birthday" to me.

051215q49 Afterwards, he thought for a moment what to play next and searched his mind for a rock song, knowing I would much prefer that to flamenco; and, to my delight, the strumming on his guitar turned into a sweetly latin version of "House of the Rising Sun".

tao_of_wu Thursday, October 9, 2014; 818pm
On Monday at 1144p, I wrote "Every thing is everything." in my journal. Everything is connected to everything else. It’s all synchronicity.
Tonight, without effort or intent, I came across this Tao of Wu:

1147a: Working on website while listening to Aaron Franz and David McGowan - Military Industrial Entertainment in Laurel Canyon, 2/8/12. Just as they intimated that Hollywood agents are all mind control handlers, I was (independently) posting to the mind control page and just in that exact moment scrolled down to the ‘Handlers’ section.

6/24/14 observer_and_observed
721p: Wrote in my journal: Witness what is. The floor, the refrigerator, the arm, the attitude and the witness are all a part of that.
741p: Just came across this picture.

1037a: Sent Leigh my ‘broken mirror’ email. Immediately afterwards I found an email from Chris in my Inbox, received 16 minutes before, entitled ‘Everything Is Broken’. Well then, fix, clean and heal everything.

India 2012

5/7/12 323 to 321

Before Leigh and Zoë and I cohabitated I lived at 323 _____ Street - while Leigh and I were dating. I met Leigh just before I lived there. Seven years later we divorced and I went to India for a few months. During my two weeks in Rishikesh at the end of my trip, I checked craiglist daily for a place to live, a place to return to back in my town. The first good prospect who got back to me was my prior landlady and on May 7th, 2012 I secured 321 _____ Street - the other side of the duplex I had lived before - new address ending in one rather than three, back to just me from three. I arrived at my new home a week later.

Macondo Curse and Crying in the Womb

Thursday, July 21, 2011
human-baby-in-MothersWomb This afternoon, I began reading "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by Gabriel Garcia Marqeuz. Three and a half pages before the end of the first chapter, there is this: "Aureliano, the first human being to be born in Macondo, would be six years old in March. He was silent and withdrawn. He had wept in his mother's womb and had been born with his eyes open. As they were cutting the umbilical chord, he moved his head from side to side, taking in the things in the room and examining the faces of the people with a fearless curiosity."

At dinner, I remarked to Leigh that Macondo was the name of the BP oil well site of last year's Gulf oil disaster.

After dinner, we decided to watch the movie "Like Water For Chocolate". The movie didn't grab me and we watched only the first few minutes - but in those first few minutes, the future heroine is born. At one minute and 54 seconds into the movie, the heroine narrates: "My mother used to say that I am as sensitive to onions as my Great-Aunt Tita was. She even cried inside her mother's womb, whenever my Great-Grandmother chopped onions."

After watching just the first few minutes of the aformentioned movie, we ended up watching the entirety of a very B grade movie called "Skinwalkers" which is about a werewolf curse.

Here is the Macondo section of the Gulf oil spill page. There are two links that have been there for over a year, including BP Macondo oil well: Fictional ancient curse becoming reality, 6/27/10.

Apparently, the word 'macondo' in Haitian means 'the Devil's food' and is a curse.

Columba & Sirius

Saturday, July 17, 2010
After several articles about occult connections of the star Sirius independently came to my attention over the last few months, I was inspired to create a Sirius page on my website this morning and do a search for more information.

Came across the link: Pentagon Attack and other Isis (Sirius) Rituals, 9/9/6. An eighth of the way down the page, it talks about the 5 pointed Columbine flower. Just after the picture it says: “Another way of connecting the pentagram and pentagon with the dove is by the close proximity of the star signs for the Columba (the dove) and Canis Major (Sirius) constellations in the heavens.”

Two days ago, I didn’t answer a call that came in when I was on the other line and it didn’t leave a message, but as the call was coming in, the phone identified it as being from Collumbine Just. [I never found out what that was about]

Completely unrelated, the day before that, I was contacted through my website by a woman named Columba G. I just left her a 3rd voicemail, playing phone tag with her, today.

This evening, Leigh and I went out and saw the movie "Cyrus". Upon returning home, I did the search ‘Sirius and the Occult’ and came across a site headlined by "Miley Cyrus: Mind Controlled Disney Slave from Sirius", 4/28/8.

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