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CoVID Resistance

no-testing 111x116 World Doctors announce Lawsuit against Global Lockdown, 10/16/20
Gov. claims SD has proven that Lockdowns are 'useless', 10/6/20
Sheriffs, police, pastors, etc. are fighting CoVID Orders, 10/5/20
SD Gov. Kristi Noem: I Don’t Have The Authority, 9/25/20
Van Morrison new anti-lockdown songs, 9/18/20
Coronavirus conspiracy marches Europe, 8/29/20 Berlin, 8/29/20
mbmch 111x74 ‘Take off the mask!’ Thousands gather in London, 8/29/20
10,000 who think pandemic is a HOAX march on London, 8/29/20
Anti-Lockdown Protest Erupts In Spain, 5/24/20
Idaho’s House Votes to End Coronavirus Emergency, 8/25/20


arundhati roy quote 111x121 Notice of Removal of Implied Right of Access .docx
Requirement for Consent .pdf
Paul Rosenberg: Withdrawal of Consent, 6/7/16 .doc
Consent - Anna von Reitz got it right, 9/24/14 .pdf
Dear Official, Don't tread on me pdf

Lockdown Non-Consent

Sample Email To Send To Sheriff’s, Police, Mayor .doc

Face Masks

mask 111x139 1. Masks are unhealthy. They force the wearer to breathe their own stale exhaled breath continuously. Mask and social distancing efficacy at protecting self and others and in mass is open to wide scientific debate.

2. Mass promotion and acceptance of masks is attitudinally unhealthy. Masked politically correct self righteous egos bask in their goodness and rightness and many judge the unmasked as ignorant selfish individuals who don’t care about helping others or sacrificing for the common good. The more militant are bullyish in their demand that those unmasked others be and believe like them. They believe their life and children’s health depend on it and because of their perceived need of others assistance in the matter, they think others are obliged to care about and be responsible for their health as well as believe as they do. Unless they’re psychopaths or sociopaths, they’re obviously too dependent and not very bright.
See: Royal Society President Says Mask Refusniks Should be Publicly Shamed Like Drunk Drivers.

3. Mass promotion and acceptance of masks teaches children and adults to be afraid of and resist nature and environment. This is unwise (see 2nd law of thermodynamics) and unwarranted.

4. Mass promotion and acceptance of masks and social distancing teaches children and adults to separate themselves ever further from everyone else on all levels. This is unwise and unwarranted.

5. Mandated masks are a crime. They teach children and adults that it is appropriate for the government to mandate such things that violate the rights of the individual.

6. Mandated masks widen the open doorway to mandated vaccines and microchips.

7. Acceptance of mandated masks is the choice for death not life; and, the choice to be mind controlled and prepared to accept what is to come, which will be contrary to your Soul. Cathy O'Brien: Masks are mind control devices, 9/11/20

Here's a fun muzzled masochists article and a scary Bill Gates cartoon and a revealing five minute occult societal mask initiation video.

Face Mask Non-Consent

not about a virus 111x167 Businesses: Know the law .pdf; Welcome ,pdf
face mask exempt .jpg
Face Mask flier .pdf
Fear non-consent .png
Legal Rights To Not Wear a Mask .pdf
Mask legal notice .pdf
No Mask card front .png
No Mask card back .png
Facemask & sanitizer exemption .jpg

Vaccination Non-Consent

Prepare With Jerry: Mandated Vaccinations, Get Ready To Say "NO!", 4/21/20 .mp4

we_don't_need 111x65 Decision to Not Vaccinate My Child .pdf
Refusal of Vaccination for Cause .doc
Vaccination Non-consent for Physicians and Schools .doc
Vaccination Conditional Agreement .doc
Vaccination Conditional Acceptance .pdf
Notice of Non-Consent to HR 6666 .doc

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Coronavirus-Initiaion-Masks 111x74

guess_who 111x77

no-testing 111x116

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