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Human 2.0
Three Bs


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Three Bs
Brainwashing, Bribery, Blackmail

This page last updated prior to 11/21/21.

The game is so rigged and the conspiracy is so vast that nearly all of us wrap our minds around, at most, only small pieces of it. We simply cannot comprehend that there is a single eye at the top of the world’s power pyramid that oversees and controls the entire kit and kaboodle of human society and everything else other than potentially our own individual points of consciousness and light on planet Earth.

We see warring factions everywhere: Islams vs. Jews, capitalists vs. socialists, one country or corporation against another country or corporation… It seems to make no sense that ultimately the same people manipulate both sides.

We are challenged in juggling our own schedules and obligations and survival strategies. How could a mere handful of people, let alone a single entity, no matter how smart and rich and powerful, manage all of the world’s resources, economies, governments, politics, militaries; all of the world’s media, medical, scientific, educational institutions, etc.? There are billions of pawns on the chessboard. How could it be that this apparent chaos is all deliberately masterminded? How could it all be a Big Lie when it appears that everyone around us believes all or most of it? How do those in control keep it all so invisible to the masses of people, when it is so apparent to some of us?

The dirty work is performed by various levels of millions of minions who are not at the top of the pyramid. How is everything kept so secret?

If chemtrails were real; if global warming was a fraud; if 9/11 was an inside job; if bankers created money out of thin air; if all judges were corrupt; if all major organized religions were merely control technologies; if fluoride and aspartame and vaccines and gmo foods and genital mutilation and AMA medicines ADA dental practices were all so bad for you - How could the millions of perpetrators of all of these and other things have vested interests in these terrible, evil things and how could they (we) keep it all so quiet?

A short answer is that the planet’s power structure is indeed a pyramid (embedded with a kaleidoscope of smaller pyramids) with its bulk kept in ignorance (need to know) and the world is indeed run by closed secret societies - be they freemasons, BAR members, CIA agents, Navy Seals or pagan goddesses - which are connected at the top. All the way down, they – those at every level of management - make full use, appropriate to their level, of the three Bs: Brainwashing, Bribery & Blackmail.

Brainwashing: We have all been brainwashed. Our core beliefs were pounded into us by other brainwashed people, starting with our parents and family and then the government schools we attended. We have all spent a huge portion of our life behind a cloud. We are intellectually manipulatable to the extent we are still behind that cloud. We participate in our own further brainwashing whenever we rationalize our thoughts and behavior.

Bribery: We all have accepted and are susceptible to future bribes. Ego reinforcement at any age is usually an effective, if relatively subtle, bribe. Some amount of money or sex and/or other material reward can make almost all of us compromise our integrity – consciously or not so consciously (self-deception) - depending only upon how alluring the potential reward may be.

Blackmail: We can all be potentially blackmailed. We all have secrets to hide and more secrets to hide can always be forced upon us by others, if they want and need them to be.

Whether you’re from an elite family and are marked for the Skull & Bones Society or you’re not from an elite family but you have made yourself useful in some way to the elite, a door may open some day with an opportunity to join an honored and select club. In joining, you may feel quite special, with a strong sense of loyalty and belonging. In the beginning, you may proudly bask in the egoic, social and financial rewards your association brings, with hardly a sense of any compromising of principles. Initiation may involve some sort of public humiliation, along with some depravity, either witnessed or participated in that you will never want to share with an outsider. Even, after initiation, you may or may not be at all aware of your organization’s sinister depths or heights.

Every step you take deeper and higher into and up your organization’s heirarchical ladder, however, will be accompanied both by greater rewards and more overtly deviant actions and behavior.

Early in your journey, the rewards you receive may seem to dwarf any potential risks or punishments. For instance, it may seem like a no-brainer that the fact that your busom buddies have a photo of you sucking some guys cock was well worth the quarter of a million dollar entry pay of the corporate position that opened up for you. Already, you will never betray your rich and powerful cohorts; and, truth and compassion be damned.

By the time any cognitive dissonance disturbs or any urge surfaces to turn back, it may be far too late for that to still be possible. For instance, when you became a full partner or company officer in your large corporation, you may have already witnessed or participated in ritual murder or something else as perverse as that. Do you think you will ever go against the system that made you what you are at that point?

Combined, especially in highly trained hands with good connections and deep pockets, the three Bs are apparently highly effective.

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