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Wu Hsin

3rd Century BCE
Path: non-dualism incredible story of Wu Hsin and Roy Melvyn

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All thinking is imaginary because the person talking to you is imaginary. There is no self talking to yourself; in fact, there also is no “yourself”. Stay a time in silence. Do not accept these words; look for yourself for “yourself”.

An imagined entity desires to become an enlightened imagined entity. What’s the point? It is like trying to measure space. Yet, this will continue until such time as the distinction is made between this that I am and that that I appear to be.

Being aware of the sound of the bell, does not mean that bell belongs to you. Likewise, being aware of thoughts, does not mean the thoughts belong to you.

Dismount the pendulum of fear and desire. That ground beneath you is the Source and Support.

Don’t take life personally. The sun has no care for what passes through the sky.

Enlightenment is one more concept to add to your collection, yet another idea regarding improving yourself, discovering yourself, or obtaining peace and happiness.

See that you create the space in which the world moves, the time in which it lasts. Come to realize that the world is only sand. You may play with it, you may walk on it, but don’t build your house there. There is no journey, as such. It may not seem so, but we are always back where we started. What we were in essence, and what we will be in essence, is what we are in essence.

The individual perceives that life is happening to him whereas the one who has relinquished his individuality perceives that life is merely happening. This is the state wherein tension cannot arise.

The secrets to living are these: First, the past cannot be improved upon. Acknowledge what was and move on. Next, the future cannot be molded. Then, why bother? Last, nothing can ultimately be controlled; Not the past, nor the future, nor the present. Accept this moment as it is. Honoring these three, One lives without shackles.

The thinker of thoughts is merely another thought. The one who knows this is no longer in his own way.

The two great delusions are that life is controllable and that there is an entity, me, who can exercise said control. But if we cannot even control the thoughts that appear to us, how can we possibly believe we can control what occurs to us?

There is no deepening; you are deep enough already. There is no completing; you are already complete. There is no freeing from; you are already free. Change your view. Dont't try to change it, just do it! You don't have to try to be what you already are.

Thougts intrude like unwelcome guest at a party. Ignored and unfed they depart.

What constitutes the sense of 'I am this' is Constantly changing while What constitutes the sense of 'I am' is unmoving. The shift in the attention from The former to the latter is The perfume of lucid sight.

When the mind is seen as continually kidnapped by thoughts, the first step toward freedom has been taken. Now, cease listening to what is being heard. Instead, listen to what is listening.

Wherever you go, you carry with you the sense of here and now. This is what distinguishes any present experience from memory. It reveals that space and time are in you and not the other way around. Most people are not acquainted with the sense of their being but only with the knowledge of their doing.

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