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July 29, 2020: OSHA, OHA
m 111x73 OSHA, OHA
Hi All, Well things are getting tighter and tighter. I just left Shop N Kart after having a good conversation with (get this) their Human Rights Manager whose sole job is to protect the store and maintain OSHA< AND OHA compliance. He is the COVID manager. who would have known? Here is the latest. Both agencies have shoppers or spies. They come into a store unmasked and if they are not offered a mask the store gets a fine. He said the spies are all over the place and have cited several businesses in Ashland. He also was emfatic they frequent stores, restaurants, Bar's etc. Now the kiker. If they spot a customer without a mask they will be cited a misdemeanor $1200.00. Not inciting fear, just facts. Do as you are guided. Lets pray that our Sheriff has the courage to use his authority to cease and desist OSHA OHA they are clearly breaking the law. Stay tuned next stop
Sheriff. Swan
8/3/20 update:
Hi All, update on visit with Sheriff. It went really well. He is quite aware that the COVID is a hoax. We discussed Cease & Desist of OSHA and OHA. I gave him lots of material related to our constitutional rights. He said he will research the material I gave him and get back to me. He is willing to do something. What that is is yet to be determined. I will discuss this with you at today's Patriot Gathering Litia Park Band Stand 6pm.
Cheers Swan


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