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Bill Gates

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Remdesivir: George Soros & Bill Gates Partner with China on Coronavirus Drug!, 2/12/20
FDA greenlights remdesivir for treating coronavirus despite scientific data saying otherwise, 11/13/20

bg 111x184 Scary Bill Gates cartoon
Depopulation vaccine advocate Bill Gates also designed the fraudulent election software used by Dominion, 11/25/20
Bill Gates hired BLM “students” to count ballots in battleground states, 11/15/20
Massive New Report Exposes Bill Gates’ Global Control Grid, 11/1/20
Did the Gates Foundation Actually Sterilize Hundreds of Thousands of Young Girls in India?, 10/26/20
Bill Gates' Global Agenda and How We Can Resist, 9/22/20
Bill Gates Blames Freedom For Spread of the Virus, 8/21/20
Bill Gates Depopulation Agenda. RFKJr Calls for Investigation, 7/18/20
Bill Gates $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal, 6/11/20
How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health, 5/22/20
Bill Gates Briefing to CIA 2005?, 5/18/20
Bill Gates and his War Against Cash are a Threat to Our Liberty, 5/8/20
Bill Gates& DARPA DNA Nanotech COVID19 Vaccine, 5/2/20
Bill Gates says vaccines can REDUCE the world’s population, 5/1/20
Who Funds the WHO? Bill Gates Donates Additional $150 Million, 4/23/20
Joseph Mercola: Most Dangerous Philanthropist in Modern History?, 4/22/20
Bill Gates Microchip Implant Vaccine Technology, 4/15/20
Bill Gates Wants Lockdown Until Vaccine Is Approved, 4/14/20
RFK, Jr. Lists Vaccine Crimes Committed By Globalist Bill Gates and WHO, 4/14/20
Bill Gates & Henry Kissinger call for Worldwide Vaccinations & NWO, 4/8/20
Bill Gates tells us mass gatherings will be cancelled until we take the Vaccine, 4/8/20
Bill Gates says it was a mistake to meet with Epstein after he sas convicted, 11/7/19


The only thing Covid-19 test kits are good for is illegally collecting and surveilling human DNA, 11/26/20
This Thanksgiving, The Government Gifts Us COVID-19 Sex Advice, 11/26/20
Immunity Certificates and Health-Passes Are a Hoax, 11/25/20
CDC proposes concentration camps in America, plans to invade homes and separate families, 11/25/20
Head of WHO Suggests COVID Restrictions Will Continue Even After Vaccine, 11/25/20
COVID-19 RT-PCR Test: How to Mislead All Humanity. Using a “Test” To Lock Down Society, 11/25/20
Communist China says all humans should be marked, tracked to prevent spread of Covid-19, 11/25/20
Covid-19 Is a Hoax Leading to the Centralization of Control: “The Great Reset” Is the Real Pandemic, 11/24/20
There is no “second wave” … the “pandemic” is over, 11/24/20
Oregon’s Gov. Kate Brown said people should call the police on neighbors who violate coronavirus restrictions on Thanksgiving, 11/24/20
Study tests 130,000 children for coronavirus, finds only 4 percent ever had it, 11/24/20
Oregon’s Gov. Kate Brown said people should call the police on neighbors who violate coronavirus restrictions on Thanksgiving, 11/24/20
Top Pathologist Claims COVID-19 Is "The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated On An Unsuspecting Public", 11/19/20
Portuguese court rules PCR tests are unreliable, unlawful “evidence” of alleged Covid-19 infections, 11/19/20
It’s all rigged: case numbers, death certificates, vaccine efficacy, and the Biden Presidency, 11/19/20
Is This Virus the Weapon Being Used to Usher in a Communistic Takeover of the United States?, 11/18/20
Don’t Believe the COVID Case Numbers; It’s a Scam, 11/18/20
'Compliance Ambassadors' Now A Thing - Top 10 Tyrannical Mandates By Liberal Governors Across America- Welcome to Orwell's '1984' Where Freedom Is An Illusion And Constitutional Rights No Longer Exist, 11/17/20
CDC calls for concentration camps in America, including the invasion of homes and neighborhoods, 11/17/20
Where Are Lockdowns in the Constitution?, 11/17/20
wear-a-mask 111x79 Oregon: Violating Governor’s New Lockdown Orders Could Land You In Jail, 11/16/20
Oregon Gov. warns of $1250 fines, 1 month in jail for violating new COVID mandates, 11/16/20
Lockdowns: Immoral, Illegal, and Ineffective, 11/16/20
Not The First Time A Vitamin Deficiency Was Confused For a Viral Epidemic, 11/16/20
Defining Deviancy Down: Lockdown Herd Stupidity In The United States Of Hysteria, 11/15/20
Canadian government publishes bid request for “Programmable Hydraulic Guillotines” needed “in support of Canada’s response to COVID-19”, 11/15/20
Oregon Governor issues strictest lockdown measures in the U.S., 11/13/20
CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted Pneumonia and Heart Attacks as COVID-19 Deaths, 11/13/20
c 111x145 Post Covid World: A Horrifying Future, 11/13/20
FDA greenlights remdesivir for treating coronavirus despite scientific data saying otherwise, 11/13/20
Covid “Pandemic”: Destroying People’s Lives. Engineered Economic Depression. Global “Coup d’Etat”?, 11/12/20
22 States Already Locking Down Again – Time To Oppose Them, 11/11/20
COVID Plans Include Family Separation & Involuntary Camp Quarantine, 11/10/20
Vote Fraud, Lawyers, COVID Vaccine, Biden Plan, Police Powers, Constitution, 11/10/20
Election rigging via mail-in ballots: One purpose of COVID, 11/8/20
Biden's approach to tackling COVID-19 will be quickly apparent, 11/8/20
Holocaust survivor: Pandemic lockdown is return to Nazism, 11/7/20
David Icke: Covid laws are the systematic demolition of the human psyche, 11/6/21
Election Fraud, COVID, Currency Reset, 11/6/20
Mandatory COVID Camps Begin in NZ, Similar Plans for Canada and the US, 11/6/20
Criminal NY Governor Declares New Fascist COVID Rules, 11/5/20
We Are Pawns In A Bigger Game Than We Realize, 11/2/20
United Airlines to segregate passengers who don't submit to covid-19 testing, 11/1/20
WORLD DOCTORS ALLIANCE, There is no pandemic. It is only a HOAX, 10/31/20
New Security Measures Will Make Health a Prerequisite for Travel, 10/31/20
Missing and Unproven Viruses: This Is Nothing New, 10/31/20
Virus-story: Breaking the Chains of Medical Mind Control par Excellence”, 10/28/20
no-testing 111x116 COVID-19 GENOCIDE OF 2020 – CLAIRE EDWARDS, 10/28/20
Missing Coronavirus: Why I’m Not Surprised, 10/28/20
Dr. Rashid Buttar : "Leaked" Plan For Canada, 10/27/20
COVID-19 Roadmap: 12 Step Plan To Create A Totalitarian “New World Order” – We’re On Number 8, Headed Towards Number 9!, 10/25/20
There is no Pandemic: There is only Deception & Tyranny, 10/24/20
Reimbursement Makes all the Difference Inside the Real Statistics, 10/23/20
Virus That Isn’t There, Genetic Sequencing, and the Magic Trick, 10/23/20
Covid-19 isn’t a pandemic plan, it’s an EXTERMINATION plan for humanity, 10/20/20
World leaders planning new lock downs to introduce “The World Debt Reset Program” which includes universal basic income & vaccination requirements, 10/19/20
Visualizing the Relative Size of Particles, 10/18/20
Virus That Isn’t There Has a Hypnotic Effect, 10/15/20
Missing Virus: They Lied & Locked Down the World, 10/14/20
Fake Coronavirus and the Missing Study: The Secret in Plain Sight, 10/13/20
WHO backpedals on Covid-19 scam as criminal, civil charges filed, 10/12/20
COVID-19 pandemic greatest economic threat since the depression, 10/12/20
Where Is the Coronavirus? The CDC Says It Isn’t Available, 10/9/20
FAKE SCIENCE of coronavirus "tests", 10/8/20
Nearly 1/3 of hospitalized COVID patients develop brain malfunction, 10/7/20
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, 10/4/20
Peggy Hall: Life in prison for biological hazard hoaxes, 9/29/20
Speed Limit Virus, 9/29/20
Based on latest CDC data, the Wuhan coronavirus poses virtually no death risk, 9/28/20
Pfizer Officer Says "Second Wave" Faked and "Pandemic is Over", 9/28/20
masks 111x150 Plandemic Exposed - David E. Martin via London Real, 9/2/20
Here come the Covid Detention Centers, 8/26/20
Coronavirus Pandemic That Never Was w Dr. Vernon Coleman, 9/12/20
Jon Rappoport: Where is the virus?, 8/24/20
Coronavirus “cases” are medically meaningless, 8/20/20
Chromosome 8 w David Icke and Dr Andrew Kaufman, 8/25/20

Covid Q&A: Why arent you a wearing a mask? Because nobody here is ill and they don't work anyway. But this virus is very deadly! No it's not. The infection to death rate is 0.004%; 0.026% is you're over 70. But I saw videos of people really ill in hospital. The footage was fake. But the World Health Organisation declared a pandemic. The WHO is controlled by Bill Gates. But the computer models said we were all going to die. The models were produced by colleges funded by Bill Gates and they've gotten it wrong every time. Yes but that’s because the lockdowns saved us all. No they didn't, Japan had no lockdown, they have double the population of the UK, 122 million living in densely packed cities, they have had just over 1000 deaths. But the NHS was almost over run. We had to build field hospitals. No it wasnt, not even for a minute. The field hospitals were virtually never used and are now closed. Normal hospitals are empty. But the virus is very contagious. Really? Who do you know that's had it? What do the governments gain? Massively increased state control and a chance to implement massive social changes we would never normally accept. But surely the vaccine will be safe. Then why are all pharmaceutical companies insisting on complete indemnity from compensation claims? Bill Gates wants to give us all a digital health record - surely thats a good thing. No it means your life style will be restricted unless you have his vaccine.

2025 is when the whole procedure finishes [10:10] mp4
FINAL LOCKDOWN for humanity on its way, 8/14/20
Cat is out of the bag .doc
Is the Virus Real?, 8/11/20
The State Justifies Its Evil, but the People’s Indifference Permits It, 8/11/20
It's Getting REALLY Serious, 8/10/20
California soon to pay people $1,250 for testing positive for Coronavirus, 8/9/20
COVID-19 Lockdown Will Result in a Million More Deaths, 8/8/20
L.A. threatens to cut off electricity & water of non-compliers, 8/6/20
Hospitals Monetary ‘Incentive’ to Inflate Coronavirus Death Count, 8/3/20
Plandemic a Known, Live “Training & Simulation Exercise” under WHO, 7/6/20
Dr. Stoian Alexov: No one has died from the coronavirus, 7/2/20
George Soros & Bill Gates Partner with China on Coronavirus Drug!, 2/12/20


Doctors now warning that the coming COVID-1984 vaccine will ‘put you down’ the side effects are so bad, but insist you take it twice anyway, 11/27/20
Global Vaccine Passport Will Be Required for Travel, 11/24/20
COVID-19 Hospitalizations: Reality Check, 11/24/20
More Than 2/3rds Of Americans Oppose Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations, 11/22/20
Researchers develop coronavirus vaccine that is INHALED through the nose or mouth… be careful where you BREATHE, 11/20/20
Media says Covid-19 vaccine side effects are “proof” that it’s working, 11/19/20
Shocking reason why Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine requires storage at -70C … because it contains experimental nanotech components that have NEVER been used in vaccines before, 11/18/20
Pfizer In Regular Contact With Biden Campaign, Expects To Seek Vaccine Emergency Approval Friday, 11/18/20
Why are vaccine makers snubbing Trump and cozying up to Biden?, 11/18/20
US infrastructure to be converted to a mass vaccine compliance system, 11/16/20
$18B COVID vaccine gold rush threatens horseshoe crabs, ocean ecosystem, 11/16/20
Jon Rappoport: How they’ll fake the success of the COVID vaccine, 11/13/20
Pfizer withheld vaccine announcement until after the election because they need Biden to make their product mandatory, 11/12/20
NY Bar Association Recommends Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines, 11/11/20
Vote Fraud, Lawyers, COVID Vaccine, Biden Plan, Police Powers, 11/10/20
Inside the Operation Warp Speed effort to get Americans a COVID-19 vaccine, 11/8/20
Flawed Covid-19 Vaccine Testing Programs at Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, 11/3/20
Liability-Free COVID Vaccine Makers Seek Additional ‘Free Pass’ From FDA , 10/31/20
How COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Are Rigged, 10/28/20
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: NIAID Contract Obligates Pentagon to Buy 500,000,000 Doses of Moderna’s COVID Vaccine for $9 Billion, 10/26/20
COVID-19 vaccine trial participant DIES… AstraZeneca downplays the death, 10/22/20
Quantum dot vaccine is mark of the beast compliance system, 10/19/20
World leaders planning new lock downs to introduce “The World Debt Reset Program” which includes universal basic income & vaccination requirements, 10/19/20
Trump Says He Won't Force Americans To Take COVID-19 Vaccine, 10/17/20
DARPA Biochip to “Save” Us from COVID Can Control Human DNA, 10/9/20
Facts or Fiction: COVID-19 Vaccine, 10/8/20
By 2035, Workers with chips will have "Labor Market Advantage", 10/8/20
New England Journal of Medicine says people refusing MANDATORY coronavirus vaccines should be severely punished, 10/4/20
Injectable Biochip for SARS-CoV-2 Detection Near FDA Approval, 9/17/20

September 6, 2020: Proposed Covid-19 vaccine would usher in Humanity 2.0: DARPA Biochip To ‘Save’ Us From COVID Can Control Human DNA, 10/5/20
Injectable Biochip for SARS-CoV-2 Detection Near FDA Approval, 9/17/20
Humanity 2.0 NANO, 9/5/20: Transcript: Human 2.0 is Human 1.0 (normal humans) melded with Artificial Intelligence. Human 2.0 is transhuman. Elon Musk and Ray Kurzweil proclaim we should go to Human 2.0.
The proposed Covid-19 vaccine is a new type of vaccine. It is completely new and different and experimental. It's technologies will change what we are and who we are very quickly. This is my alarm call to the world.
Moderna is one of the frontrunners for the Covid-19 vaccine. Moderna was founded by Derek Rossi who genetically modified a stem cell with modified RNA. Moderna has never made a vaccine or any medicine before.
Like some other companies, Moderna is fast tracking the vaccine, going from phase 1 to phase 2 very quickly. In fact, from March 2020 they're already in phase 3. Expect increased cancer rates, increased mutant genetics, increased auto-immune reactions.
Microneedle platform looks like a band-aid. It has lots of tiny little needles like lots of tiny little snake bites. When you take the sticker off, you've been vaccinated.
Inside the hydrogel is the luciferase enzyme and the vaccine which is modified RNA or modified DNA. This synthetic code will invoke the body to make more of the virus - so the body will supposedly learn how to fight it.
However, they're using transfection which is used to genetically modify organisms. They say it won't alter our genome -but if the vaccine stabilizes it will, permanently. At any rate, it's something that can alter our genome.
If owner patented synthetic RNA is taken up into the genome of a human, we're property of Moderna or Bill Gates Foundation or the Department of Defense.
Hydrogel is DARPA nanotech technology - microscopic robots that can disassemble and reassemble and make different things and has the ability to connect with artificial intelligence. You can connect with your smartphone, your cloud, some other smart device 24hrs/ day. How immediately our privacy disappears. How immediately our autonomy and freedom is lost. It can gather emotional as well as physical data about whatever is going on in your body.
We can receive information as well. What information will be coming back into us? Will it affect our mood, our behavior, the way we think, our memories?
The luciferase enzyme has bioluminescent qualities so it would be a light source underneath your skin. They wanna know for sure that you're vaccinated. Scanning by an iPhone will give it's digital code. It holds your vaccination record and gives you a product ID (barcode).

Push for coronavirus vaccine delivery by Nov. 1st, 9/2/20
Fauci says coronavirus vaccine trials could be stopped early, 9/2/20
FDA skipping phase 3 trials on COVID vaccines - we are guinea pigs, 9/2/20
MA & VA lead the country in a push toward mandatory vaccination, 9/1/20

August 26, 2020: Covid19 means Certificate of Vaccination ID program of mass extermination
Italian doctor | Covid19 means program of mass extermination, 8/25/20: Covid-19 means the certificate of vaccination with artificial intelligence and mass extermination. 19 is the year it was created. Covid-19 is not the name of the virus. It is the name of the international plan for the control and reduction of populations, which has been developed over the last decades and launched in 2020.
What they intend to inject inside of us is going to be the most terrible vaccine of all. It will literally be a descent into hell with the aim of a massive depopulation of over 80% of the population.
Do not get yourself tested. The tests are not reliable. None of the tests are able to accurately detect the Sars Cov-2 virus. They only detect an infinity of small harmless viruses or cell debris, which are naturally already part of our microbiota.
I remind you that we are not sick. Testing positivly labels you as harmful.
Most non-vaccinated people will cease to exist for society. You will not be able to travel without a vaccine. In the future, you will will not even be able to leave your house

Psychopathic plot to inject 7 billion starts with compliance conditioning, 8/25/20
Mastercard & GAVI to create the vaccine compliance system, 8/25/20
From Two Week Lockdown to Mandatory Vaccination & Life in Prison, 8/23/20
Coronavirus vaccine is the “final solution”, 8/3/20
Big Pharma Will Be Exempt From COVID-19 Vaccine Liability Claims, 8/2/20
'It's Likely That Most Who Take The Vaccine Will Die', 7/31/20
Celeste Solum Exposes - The Vaccine Agenda, 7/25/20


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